Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals


He should be getting eels out crazy fast. Old eels lists ran 4 Ultra Balls and 4 Level Balls and could get set up insanely fast. Eels is by no means a slow deck.


My top choices:
Speed Lugia
Big Basics
Shiftry Donk


With many games tested, I am actually starting to hype up Regice with Bats. His only bad matchups are fast, non ex decks (night march, vespiquen), and that’s what the bats are for, while once you start resistance blizzarding, you opponent can only lysandre on other 1 prize Pokemon, such as the bats or other Regice (with the exception of shaymin). I was initially playing Vileplume, but the deck was too inconsistent. I think with a well tested list and strong player, this deck could actually go pretty far imo.


Big problem I see with Regice, is being able to keep the attack up. If you run into Hammers or other kind of Energy denial, it’s going to be tough to keep using Resistance Blizzard, and the moment that happens, the deck becomes vulnerable. Lysandre make it difficult to build on the Bench too.

Once you factor in the presence of non-EX decks, and the non-EX attackers in EX decks (Baby Yveltal, Raichu) I think Regice will struggle to cope with the meta.


What do you think about Mega Gardevoir deck? I think that this deck is pretty strong and consistent, but no big results from it. I think that it loose only against Night March, but against decks like Seismitoad or Wailord it is pretty nice to play it or Wailord-EX, Giratina-EX, Mega Qauza (dragon variant). I would like to ask you for your opinion. :worried:


I’ve always liked M Gardevoir, but I’ve never been able to come up with a list that didn’t feel just a bit too slow.

Being slow is ok if you have some kind of lock, or other protection, like Groudon does, but things get difficult otherwise.


As a card in general Raichu has been insane. I would think solid beater decks will be splashing him for sure.


This expanded stuff is driving me nuts lol I have no idea what to build for myself or my daughter. At least we have an expanded lc in a few weeks and have some shiftry counters.


My sister has been playing Mega Gardevoir for a long time and now she’s changed it to Fairy Box. I honestly think that Fairy box is better than Mega Gardevoir at this point.


I’m going to try testing Yveltal/Garbodor for old times sake. I’m not sure how well it will do overall, but I still have most of the cards for the decks and Wally gives it T1 lock potential to deny Bats, Vileplume, and maybe Shiftry their abilities. (Although I’ll probably still use Baltoy for that deck…)


Speaking of Yveltal garbodor, has anyone tried Yveltal/lugia-ex + Vileplume in expanded?

Yveltal ex/Lugia-ex is a very solid hitter without items and are both low energy cost attackers. Dark cloak via darkrai also ensures you don’t need to play AZ to get Vileplume out of the active spot. Getting a turn 1 - turn 2 vileplume means discarding material - which could also give you the opportunity to get a couple of dark patches off. Basically the concept is similar to Yveltal-Garb - A heavy hitting deck/low maintenance deck that restricts other decks


I have tried it… and it is very inconsistent. You can never get what you need at the right time. Most of the time I don’t even get Vileplume out until T3. It is hard to make a consistent list with no vs seeker or reach items like acro bike or TMail, and minimal Pokemon search


Does Durant/Klinklang appeal to anyone else?


Like the idea, but straight Durant sounds better. I’d rather have the extra cards for consistency and to disrupt your opponent more, than possible free prizes for your opponent and being more prone to bad starts imo.


I wasn’t thinking about a large line of Klinklang. Just enough so that they can’t take prizes easily. Durants are pretty vunerable.


Like a 2-2-2 or 3-2-2 line? It could probably work.You probably don’t have a list, but what would cut from the deck? Most of the cards are so vital, to keep those bugs coming while denying your opponent energy with Hammers.


I’m gonna work on it.


It’s been tried before and failed.

Durant decks need to put their resources into maintaining the mill. A Stage 2 line is clunky at best, and a catastrophe against fast non EX decks like Night March or Vespiquen.


Speed Lugia is too good even without Hoopa ex. This deck will dominate.


One thing, Aegislash.