Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals


Would the following Pokemon line work?

4 Wobbuffet PHF
3 Groudon-EX PRC
3 Primal Groudon-EX PRC
2 (or 3, 4) Baltoy AOR 32

Against decks other than Shiftry NXD, use the normal strategy of Wobbuffet / Primal Groudon-EX variants.

Against Shiftry NXD decks, always put down 2 Baltoy before playing the first Groudon-EX (except when starting with Groudon-EX): Whatever countermeasures your opponent employs, they can hardly Knock Out 2 Baltoy in a row.


Why play 2 Baltoy before the first Groudon? Doesn’t Theta stop work even on the bench?


I really don’t think that Baltoy is necessary given that you play Wobbuffett


Just curious because I don’t play a lot of Extended yet (actually I really hate that regionals is extended, why have the entry level tournaments to the bigger tournaments be a completely different format…) but I digress.

So if I see things right, shiftry has a really good chance of donking if it goes first. But if it goes second, I mean I don’t know about everyone else, but I usually have a full bench by the end of my first turn. So if I go first, it has to fan 6 mons away… Don’t they have a huge hill to climb at that point?

Are regionals best of 3 as well? That would mean they would have to go first 2 out of 3 times AND land their combo.

Don’t get me wrong I can see how dangerous the combo is, but is it really going to be consistant enough and go first enough to win out? It seems more like a deck that will cost players placing than actually place itself…

Again I might be wrong but just looking to see what people think…


I just skimmed this but as long as they go first the first game they win, because the loser picks who goes first in a bo3. So they win G1, the loser picks to go first and wins G2, then shiftry opts to go first G3 and wins. However, having your main win condition be based on flipping coins, I don’t think shiftry will be a great choice. While very strong, it’s also extremely luck based.


Seeing everyone’s experiments with Shiftry and how many giant fans they get in one turn, it wont B uncommon for Shiftry to 2-0 the opponent even while going second.


So this is just me musing/thinking out loud here. If people expect shiftry, there probably will be a lot of primal Groudon. Which gets me thinking decks that do the best at regionals, are decks that prepare for Primal Groudon - although that might be waaay too simplistic thinking on my part


It’s important to recognize assumptions:

This is most assuredly not true.

I can assure you Shiftry does not care about Groudon, Wobbuffet, or any meta counter to Groudon or Wobbuffet.

This is a statement backed by empirical evidence.

Shiftry will define the format.


My apologies, that was ignorant on my part, based solely on the fact that that reply was rushed. What I meant was that most of the time that shiftry goes first, it’ll take the win, with the exception of drawing dead, running into theta stop, having poor flips, or running into ability lock, namely Wobbufett. Contrary to what you said, Wobbufett actually does give shiftry trouble. Stopping abilities is helpful when the deck revolves entirely around an ability.

I disagree that shiftry will define the format. We can’t pretend that it’s unstoppable and has no counters, because it does, and if Pokémon sees too much of a problem with it, there’s not doubt in my mind that it will be banned.


I feel that Shiftry will define the format the way Night March defined the Nationals format…in order to be good you have to 50/50


Lets just all hope Shiftry gets a ban, alright?


You play whatever deck with Wobbuffet you choose. If you only have a single Wobbuffet active, I will win on my second turn. If you have a Wobbuffet active and a Wobbuffet benched, I will have a real hard time winning. So I am not afraid of Wobbuffet. Rather: I am afraid of multiple Wobbuffet and/or Baltoy. Which leads me to:

The fact that people are even considering theta stop pokemon shows (to me) that Shiftry is already defining the format. What is incredible about Shiftry is that it can actually beat decks with 4 Wobbuffet and 2 Baltoy. Not often, but often enough…


How? An active Wobbufett stops all your abilities.


Not Mew-ex (if it copy Latios’s fast raid) and unown’s ability. With the amount of item based draw the deck plays, you can sometimes get the ohko or 2hko on a wobb even with the shaymins blocked.

Primal Groudon oftentimes plays 4 wobbuffet though - so if you are stuck 2hkoing wobbuffets, you still end up losing. While shiftry has tools to deal with wobb, its still not a good matchup vs anything running multiple wobbuffet (like Primal Groudon or Crobaffet)


I’ve heard it more often called Wobbats…
CrobaFett is nice, though.


I just intend to play big basics with some baltoys crammed in to hedge my bet vs shiftry, in every other matchup its discard bait for ultra balls etc. I have found that with this I beat shiftry about 40-50% of the time if they go first and almost 100% of the time if I do. I can live with that, anything more just starts to make the deck suck.


What you guys feel about RayEels? Does it still has what it takes to be relevant on the meta? Personally I am testing an list with Mega Rayquaza (Dragon) with DDE and I am liking how it is performing, the only problem I see is the lack of deck space, so I can not tech against other decks, which is a problem ofc…
But the inclusion of M Ray is worth it in my opinion, since it can easily get AT LEAST 4 prizes, but can potentially seal the game by itself… and the best part of it is that it only requires 2 Eeleektriks to charge it, but you can get away with one Eelektrik if you have enough energy in your hand to manually charge the legendary dragon. Thoughts?


I personally think straight rayeels is better. You don’t have go through the hassle of mega evolving (even if you have a spirit link), and, it can almost always do the same damage the mega can (near same). Just play Sky Field so you can fit all four eels and a keldeo, Raikou EX etc.


I see your point,the problem that I was having with the traditional list was that it was too dependent on having 2-3 Eels running for it consistenly get the OHKOs, and it was trading 2 for 2 prizes with most decks. So in the end I was investing 2-3 turns to get the engine running, while an Landorus with Muscle Band, Strong Energy and Fighthing Stadium would knock me out with 2 hits with minimal investiment (only one turn of investment) and knocking out my Tynamos in the process. So with the Mega Rayquaza I was almost guaranteed of getting at least 4 prizes for my investment.
Also how do you feel this deck will fare against the expanded meta? Does it take too much time to set up, and can not catch up with the demanding speed of decks like Landorus and decks that require minimal investment for attacking like DCE users (Night March, Raichu, Vespiquen/Flareon, etc…)

Raichu XY Variants // XY-on 2016

I think if you play a good number of level balls (2-3) you should be able to get able your eels out fairly quickly, and a Mr. Mime would help against landy. Once you get set up, for example, while the landy deck might take a knockout early on, you should swiftly ohko them for the rest of the game. If they manage to drop a focus sash on any of their fighting attackers, you can always cherry pick shaymins, or just attack to get the sash off. I personally think this deck will have 50/50 matchups with other ohko decks, bad matchups against non ex ohko decks (Night march, Vespiquen, and Raichu) that attack for cheap energy costs, and a good matchup against most other decks. I like the deck overall, but I just think ther are other better ohko decks in the format, such as colorless M Rayquaza, night march, P Groudon, and Vespiquen, but I do think it is a pretty good contender for these upcoming tournaments.