Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals


Yes, but how are you going to Sky return when the typical shiftry deck runs 0 energy?


Adding Double Colorless Energy would make it harder to use Giant Fan. That, and by the time you have used Sky Return twice, most decks have setup and are attacking while Baltoy will be on the bench where Sky Return can’t hit it unless Lysandre is used, which also makes it harder to use Giant Fan.


Simple, run a 1-of (or two if you’re scared of prizing) DCE.


I think what i was saying shiftry does not have a counter to wobbuffet. If Shiftry adds cards to counter wobbuffet it would only slow the deck down and not work properly


The problem with running a DCE in Shiftry is:

1: it slows the deck down (biggest problem)
2: Off of a N or red card the card gets shuffled back into your deck stalling it even more


Although I’m not sure how I feel about the validity of running only Wobbuffet, that is more of a counter than ancient trait baltoy, unless you’re running ONLY baltoy (which is a horrible idea btw).


Archeops stops all Pokemon evolving from the hand if that’s what you’re asking.


I reccomend Wobb/Bats. Here is why:
With bats it can wreck the meta a whole lot more than Wobb/Hammers.
In the case you play Shiftry, hope you don’t start with Zubat and never play bats, your 4 Wobbs win.

Now here is something else vs. Shiftry with Wobb/Bats:
If you lose game 1 to a Zubat donk, you have the option to start game 2. Then on G2, get your ideal start turn 1. Finally, game 3 is a wild card. More exact, 50/50 since you should have (my recommendation, but do what you want) only 8 basic Pokemon in your deck, 4 Zubat/4 Wobbaffet.

But if you are super confident in your own QuadWobb deck, go for it!


I played some more games with DCE-packed Shiftry lists on PTCGO and found my opponents often going with things like this to prevent my Shaymin-EX from attacking:

4 Wobbuffet
4 N
4 Head Ringer
4 Enhanced Hammer
4 Eco Arm

Any solution?


Ancient Orgins Vileplume stops the last three at least.


To be quite honest: will PTCGO decks at all represent what people would travel to play at a Regionals level event? I wouldn’t sweat it at all. I love the DCE concept.


Have fun getting destroyed by anything that isn’t shiftry or something else completely ability based. Toad? Primal Groudon? M Manny? Even the Skyfield decks to an extent. Mainly Raichu. Just look at Ross Cawthon vs Jando Luna. If someone walked up to me right now and told me Quad Wobb would do better than breaking even at a regionals, I’d laugh.


For when you dont get archeops out before your opponents stage 1s or megas. The AO claydol deevolves for 1 psy.


Have fun not playing wobuffet and getting destroyed by shiftry.

I believe shiftry is a top tier deck. I am only trying to find a solution to shiftry and that can keep up with the meta.


There are ways to beat shiftry without Wobbuffett, and I’d prefer to do it in a way that won’t involve me playing a bad deck with no damage output. Skyfield decks destroy shiftry, same with theta stop, not to mention our other form of ability lock, Hex Maniac. Ability lock isn’t the only way to stop shiftry.


Keep in mind that if you are using a Skyfield deck against Shiftry, and manage to fill up your bench with a full 8 pokemon, the Shiftry player will essentially only have to go through 6 pokemon to win, because if they don’t bounce the Skyfield with Forest of Giant Plants they will lose anyways.


Latios-ex + Mew ex + Muscle Band is also another possible option for dealing with Wobbuffet (Versatile the fast raid to take advantage of weakness) if they only start one wobb.


I feel like that makes the deck too inconsistent when it only helps against one matchup which is still like 40-60. I would rather take the auto loss, or just tech simple stuff that don’t give you as much of a chance to win but doesn’t slow down the deck for other matchups. For example, Lysandre and escape rope.


Lysandre and escape rope do effectively nothing for Shiftry from testing. The opponent will never bench anything but Wobb if he/she is playing with wobb.

I have experimented with going down to a 2-2-2 and a 3-3-3 shiftry line. Obviously the 2-2-2 is a bit less efficient, but not by too much that it isn’t worth the sacrifice imo if you expect a lot of wobb. But yea, if you don’t expect to see any wobbuffet - pure shiftry is certainly better


It has nothing to do with the Skyfield itself, it’s the high basic counts. After the 4th basic or so, shiftry begins to falter