Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals


I’m not sure if you’re referring to manectric vs Shiftry or wobbufett vs Shiftry. If you mean wobbufett vs Shiftry, than they can’t use giant fan


Which Regionals will you be playing in Oct? I would love to see Quad Wobbuffet in action.

I might actually donate to a Twitch stream featuring Quad Wobbuffet vs. Pyroar/Archeops.


Probably San Jose… LOl you just named the championship…Not sure if you were joking but I dont really care =)


Manetric vs Shiftry :shiftry wins ( I mean if all goes to plan which is highly likely.)
Manetric Vs. Wobbuffet: you will have at least a game either potential for winning
Wobbuffet vs Shiftry: Wobbuffet auto wins

In these 3 matchups wobbuffet looks the best to me


just wondering what division are you? If you’re in the same as I am then we might play each other, and I’d be interested to see how that works out.


TCGO I play expanded (for testing purposes). I am a masters player 28 years old.

I hope everyone is not getting me wrong. You load this deck with disruption and can build attacks pretty quick.
I will post a deck list maybe and everyone can try it out


If you were playing in a tournament where the only three decks that were allowed were those then yes, wobbufett would emerge victorious. But in expanded, the most diverse format this game has ever seen amount of sets wise, there are way to many decks to be able to play a deck like quad wobbufett where you have one auto win and 50-50 or under match ups every where else. IMO wobbufett bats will be a great play for fall regionals.


I agree with you! This deck would GUARANTEE that you would not lose to shiftry. It may lose to another deck but I just don’t know how many people are going to play shiftry. To me starting with a Zubat and no wobbuffet would be devastating if I lost. I am still play testing but I truly believe quad wobbuffet could work. More testing to come.

On another note Wobbuffeut does pretty well vs say… Aromatise and any ability based decks. Gets around Pyroar for sure. I am telling you that you could play big basics vs shiftry and lose before you play… I dont know How you would go into a regionals confident with Darkrai/yveltal and not be concerned about shiftry. Just my opinion


Zubat has free retreat so starting with it would not be a problem, I’m am strongly considering it for regionals.


The problem is starting with it vs a Shiftry deck and getting Blown Away.


The other problem is getting a zubat caught out(lysandre or catcher), shuts off wobbuffuts ability and then they scoop up wobbufut. Then they scoop up zubat. GG =)


Ah I see, but most Shiftry decks dont run lysandre because they would rather use their supported on a juniper or AZ, and so they use escape rope instead so if you have two wobbufetts than you still win. And if they do run lysandre, there is still no guarantee that they hit it. Also, it would probably be just a one of so there is a 10% chance of it being prized. I would still take wobbufett bats in that matchup, probably about 75-25


Only running 4 Zubat and 4 Wobbuffet? Any Shiftry player will gladly play you.


Any Wobbufet player would gladly play Shiftry.


I would not play bats with wobbuffet. Catcher or escape rope is to much of a risk. I am working on a deck build that competes against every other deck. Once I find that I will be ready for regionals. Until they ban Shiftry I am playing wobbuffut


You guys are all clamoring about Wobbuffet and the best strategy for playing with Shiftry decks, and I’m just sitting here chilling with my ancient Baltoy :sunglasses:


I have no doubt they would.


You could just play a deck that out speeds shiftry and has mad benched pokemon so then they cant donk you


Ancient baltoy. Top that.


DCE. Sky Return twice. Bye Bye Baltoy.