Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals


If there was a counter (which there is not) it would only slow the deck down. I have done a lot of thinking and there is nothing they can do. If someone can propose a win condition I WILL stand corrected. However, I have gone over scenarios in my head and there is nothing they can do to beat it.

Wobbuffet is king when it comes to fall regionals.


Quad Wobbuffet as in a deck that only runs 4 Wobbuffet and no other pokemon?


If what slowbro said is what is to be assumed, silent lab and game. Even if you can’t evolve shiftry t1, if you only have wobbuffet then it doesn’t matter as the shiftry player can just add in a single attacker and win.


Hello Trainers,

Recently we have received concerned correspondence from fans about Shiftry and Giant Fan decks in the Expanded format. While I do not have any specific action to announce, I do want to let you know that we are aware of the issue and it is being looked into.

As always, thank you very much for your feedback and for playing the Pokémon TCG Online.

via PTCGO forums.

Something to keep in mind.

Edit: SNS beat me in GD.


Just a quick question, how do you play online without playing noobs all the time. I try to test decks and always win because my opponents decks are terrible and I never get good practice. You said that you’ve played multiple Shiftry decks?! I’ve seen 0.


Oh alright, I’ll bite.

DCE. Shaymin has a remarkably effective attack against a Wall strategy. 2-3 Slots isn’t going to kill the deck either. You eventually have to bench something else, and you’re remiss to not think Lysandre would also make its way into lists.


On PTCGO, try and ladder as much as you can. Eventually you run into meta decks. Besides, it is good practice. You never know what you’ll hit round one at a tournament.


uhhhh… what does ladder mean? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


obviously my wobbuffut deck runs 4 enhanced and 4 crushing hammers and 2 xerosic…energy will be flying off left and right. Replacing the grass staduim card with silent lab is good but slows the deck down to a crawl. It will be interesting. If I find away that they beat me i will post. I have won 7 out of 7 so far vs. that deck and do pretty well vs everything else.

Someone even played the ENTIRE GAME out to try and deck me out I guess and they still couldn’t do anything.

Silent lab also shuts down shaymin and unkowns ability so those cards are pretty dead vs. wobbuffet


Again, is this just 4 Wobbuffet and no other pokemon? How do you win against anything else?


Energy never stays on the field with Sky Return. When you manage to discard Energy from my hand, you let me know.

I question the competency of your opponents if you’ve been doing this well with a deck running purely 4 Wobbuffet.


that is correct. You would only run 4 wobbuffet


How do you win against anything else? (Honest question, I’m not sure I’m understanding here)


base_set_hero is my screen name. You can come play me anytime =)
I digress…it seems it is still soon to tell. I will keep testing.


I’m honestly perplexed here. Is it a deck like wailord that aims to deny prizes while decking the opponent out? Because it’s a lot easier to KO a 110 hp pokemon than it is to KO a 250 hp pokemon.


??? I’m not talking about shiftry, I know what that does lol. I’m talking about your quad wobbuffet deck.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe slowbro was referring to your wobbufett deck that apparently only runs 4 wobbufett as the Pokemon. Due to the fact that it beats Shiftry and nothing else.


sorry my bad… Wobbuffet holds up pretty good. There is a lot of disruption. Lasers, hammers, red card ,super rod and other stuff.

I win on taking prizes or having the opponent deck out. It can happen easily either way.

I have to say it is your best deck to hold up against shiftry that’s semi-descent it the meta right now


I don’t see how it holds up well in the current meta. Let’s say that you were playing against a mega manectric deck and they attached and passed. If you miss the hammer on that turn which is very likely to happen, they can attach, spirit link, evolve and turbo bolt, OHKOing the wobbufett and setting up another manectric.


True…but I can say the same if you face shiftry… the evolve up to shiftry on their first turn scoop up maybe two of your pokemon because thats all you drew and you lose before you take a turn???