Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals


Then you get screwed by my Pyroar/Archeops deck.


1 Evosoda is all it takes


How many people run Evosoda in mega Manny?

Better yet, how many people will run evosoda just for Pyroar/Archeops?

The surprise factor is what I’m going for.


I don’t think Pyroar/Archeops is going to be as popular as you think.


If it wasn’t apparent by now, @jirachi123 is always talking about Pyroar/Archeops. He just really likes playing it.


Exactly. 20202020202020


You’ve been so persistent I am going to take the bait…

I need to know: Are you really serious with Pyroar / Archeops?

To mean: you try get both a Pyroar and and Archeops in play turn 2?

Are you seriously going to try to run this somewhere? If you do, I would love to see the stream


I’m running it in an online expanded tourney. I am 0-2 with my loses to bunnelby and Toad/Yveltal/Garbodor, which are some of my worst matchups. I consistently get Archeops in turn one. Toad shuts down the deck completely. I will keep trying to make this work. Finding room for a switch as I do not currently have one.


I think y-bird archeops is better, its worst match up is kling klang


Uhhhh… That’s what archeops is for.


Is there a better subsitute than claydol for devolution?


If I’m worried about pyroar/archeops I’m doing something very wrong.
EDIT: I guess I should elaborate so you can rebut my post if you so choose. You may be forgetting that regionals will be held in BLW-AOR. This means if I play a mega manectric variant, I can also play Empoleon with the Archie’s Ace in the Hole engine. This means I can get it out under archeops lock, but it can still attack Pyroar. I can get Empoleon out as early as T1 (although realistically I understand that’s probably not going to happen often enough to rely on), but T2 is fine. Honestly, an empoleon at any point in the game is devastating, but T2 or earlier is almost an autowin. I can OHKO Pyroars for one energy, (as long as I have at least 3 benched pokemon, which is quite easy to do) and you can’t respond with an OHKO, even if you discard a fire energy and have a muscle band. To respond with another pyroar, you need to have had the litleo out the previous turn, have another evosoda, have a DCE, AND have some way to accelerate another fire energy onto Pyroar. Chances are that’s not going to happen, and if it doesn’t, Empoleon will run through your entire field. Keep in mind that although Archeops shuts down evolutions for your opponents, it also shuts down traditional evolutions for you, making it that much harder to stream Pyroars.

Even if I don’t run Empoleon, Pyroar/Archeops still hates Hex Maniac. Pyroar/Archeops’s abilities are very reactive, meaning if your opponent has a way to shut them down on their turn, it doesn’t hurt them at all. This was fine last format, as if Archeops hit the field before Garbodor, your abilities were not getting locked. However, Hex Maniac is simply a supporter, and is not shut down by Archeops. A single well timed Hex Maniac can allow me to evolve two of my Manectrics if I have the megas in my hand (which I could save until I play the Hex Maniac). If that happens, you simply lose. I can use Turbo Bolt to OHKO Pyroars, while you can only 3HKO in return. That 3HKO becomes even more devastating if you factor in Rough Seas. I can switch between the two Mega Manectrics and Rough Seas the damaged one, meaning you have to completely overextend to get any prize cards.

Forgive me if I’m being dense, but I really don’t see how I’m screwed by Pyroar/Archeops.


I played y-bird archeops in the expanded event at nats and me and my friend had tested it against kling klang and it was fine as long as you got the combo off so i face my my friend who i tested with for the past 2 days qnd he was playing kling klang and i look at my hand and go sick i can get the combo but then i realize my archeops is prized, and thats why kling klang is your worst match up


Has anyone considered the possibility of shiftry and its impact on regionals? I have played numerous online games with top tier decks and lost every time without even taking a turn. I drop about 3-4 basics and they scooped them all up. I have been playing quad Wobbuffet and it seems to do well against the current meta. If shiftry is a thing the only sure deck to play is quad Wobbuffet. Otherwise you run the risk of losing ROUND 1 before taking a turn!!!


And another person recognizes the power of Shiftry…


Truly, Wobbuffet isn’t even a great counter…


Wobbuffet isn’t a counter to shiftry??? Am i hearing this right?


It’s a counter. It’s not an end-all.


Give me 1 scenario where shiftry beats quad wobbuffet? It does not exist. Shiftry auto loses.


I’m sorry, but you’re wrong.

If you don’t think Shiftry decks are going to be aware and to counter the Quad Wobbuffet approach, you’re mistaken.