Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals


The only thing you really need to add would be N or a Giratina DRX to the list. Giratina DRXs shred attack is better than Hydreigons because at least you’re ohkoing Sigilyph. You’ll always have to attack twice to knock out a safeguarder with Hydreigon.

Giratina/Vileplume in expanded is fine the way it is in standard for the most part. I wouldn’t think too much about it.


Float stone is pretty important in expanded.


Yeah, but you need to make sure you draw it before you play down Vileplume…look @ Switch or Muscle Band in the TTar vs. MilkPlume game on PTCGRadio.


Switch wouldn’t really work, but ideally you run a turbo engine and get out the float stone T1, otherwise Lysandre can stall you out completely.


AZ is your friend in these situations :wink:


Still pretty unreliable imo. I personally wouldn’t rely on it too much.