Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals


I suppose being able to use Hoopa and flood the Bench with Deoxys is the reason.

Deck still can’t pull off its tricks consistently enough.


Most of the time it can, but the problem I have seen while testing is running out of plasma energy by like the second turn. If there was a way that I could get those energies back without slowing the deck (I think thundy would be the only option here) this would probably be my first choice for regionals, but there’s not.


There’s Bunnelby. Also, you have to figure out what to do against a t1 M Rayquaza.


But Bunny slows the deck down too much. The whole point of the deck is to take all your prizes by like Turn 4 at the latest. Also you can always lysandre around the Rays because there will always be benched Pokemon if they want to attack early.


I run 3 recycle, a shadow triad, and only need to attack twice to win, so I don’t need too much retrieval, but I have some in case


I enjoy playing speed lugia but ive already accepted the fact that ptcgo isnt greAt to play it considering pyroar runs ptcgo and quad regice is always there


I play TCG one, and while there may be scrubs there, I play with my peeps here on 6P. And many of them will tell you that my Lugia deck is insanely good. I wish I had a video to show you, but TCG one is getting a little laggy and I haven’t been on yet since Tuesday because of homework and being out of town. As soon as I make a video, I will see I I can post it here.


How does Toad/Giratina/Crawdaunt appeal to anyone?
3 Seismitoad ex
2 Giratina ex
3 Corphish
3 Crawdaunt
2 Shaymin ex
1 Jirachi ex

4 Crushing Hammer
3 Muscle Band
4 VS Seeker
3 Ultra Ball
2 Level Ball
4 Super Scoop Up
1 Computer Search
2 Switch
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
2 Head Ringer

4 Professor Juniper
2 N
1 AZ
1 Lysandre

2 Virbank City Gym

4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Double Dragon Energy



I like the Crawdaunt line, but I think the beach is totally unnecessary. A lot of people want to play old expanded cards because they can; its cool, go play old cards and have fun (yay), but that doesn’t mean the card is that good (I’m talking about expanded cards in general). Don’t get me wrong, I think beach is a great card, just probably not in this kind of deck. Now there are some cards that would be good in pretty much any format , such as Dark patch, but there are others which are good too , but we have better options such as pluspower (muscle band), or Pokemon communication (any of the poke balls). But if you wanna play beach, go for it, I think if you could find a way to use it effectively it could be good. This is all my opinion though.


Correct. Beach is usually better for decks that take quite a while to get their first attack off, (or don’t attack at all!)
Empoleon, Flygon, and DRX Ray as examples.
While Toad decks attack T1 or T2.


I’ll take the beach out For a Faded Town. I put it in there originally because sometimes I may attattch my first energy to Giratina or be unable to attack.


You need lasers. Toads weakness is its low damage output.


I don’t really like the lack of Laser in this build…Toad is good because it can 2hko w/ Lasers (Muscle Band, Laserbank is 80 going into their turn, going into yours is 110, kill them w/ Quaking punch on your turn). With your variant, the most you can do is 4hko, and MManectric can Rough Seas your Faded Town, and then if you faded town, they still rough seas, making it SUCH an easy matchup for them if they can keep 2 energy in play at all times.


I’ll try some lasers in here but its basically a Toad/Crawdaunt deck with Giratina and those decks didn’t really use laser… Also, I just realized I don’t have head ringers.


Toad/Crawdaunt most certainly did use lasers. Where did you hear that it didn’t?


Grant Manley’s states list, and other Toad/Crawdaunt players.


one interesting thing noticed is that, fighting Vespiquen and Night March, sometimes they’ll just be TOO fast and deck out.


Good players know when to limit their resources. Also, Vespiquen should play a Bunnelby.


Updated the above list.


Do you guys(aka the whole Internet) think that Vileplume/Giratina gains anything in expanded? (Other than a super cute Oddish card) I have a really good Standard list, but I don’t have a different expanded one.