Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals


You don’t just run Raichu. You can pair him with any straight EX that can pound archeops. Lando, Lucario, Lugia, Manectric, etc etc, raichu is so splashable you can easily throw in an EX hitter to take care of archeops. And that is provided they get him down before you evolve.


How will Raichu deal with Giratina?
Also, does anyone have any ideas of what beats Giratina?


Things can run non special energy. Also Girty has problems with energy removal because it is heavily reliant on it, itself.


Any trainers that have the word hammer in its name. Also registeel can be good against it. Hey another hammer!


I feel like night march can beat it because they can only get set up by turn 2 and the night March player just lysandres and one shots everything with energy before it gets enough to use chaos wheel



Not sure how any of those beat archeops itself. It has 120 hp and is weak to grass…
EDIT: 130 hp. That just proves my point even more.


You don’t need to beat Archeops itself. It’s a bench sitter with a pathetic attack.

If you have effective Basic attackers, Archeops is irrelevant.

If you have a deck that needs to evolve, then Wally, Evosoda, or Hex Maniac work.


The post I was responding to said “you can pair him with any straight EX that can pound archeops,” and “you can easily throw in an EX hitter to take care of archeops.” That would mean he’s talking about attacking archeops directly, no? I’m not saying that’s the best option, I’m just responding to what he said.



I think that the best play for expanded regionals is donphan/wobbuffet/hawlucha/Rob Sub. Donphan proved that it has a niche in an uncertain meta at the 2015 World Championships. A lot of players were suprised to see donphan; however, there was at least one donphan deck in the Top 8’s of the master, seniors, and juniors. We are moving towards an ability based format, which is why the game devs. made Hex Maniac in the first place. With all the fighting support that donphan gets and wobbuffet )'s ability lock, I think it will be a tier one deck.


I think a good rogue deck would be Mega Manectric/Aegislash/Ninetales(to lock Rough Seas, or stop a primal groudon player from playing stadiums) with max potions, rough seas, and pokemon center lady. There is also good ol’ Virizion/Genesect/Raichu.


I agree that it’s ambiguous, but t I think he’s talking about playing around Archeops.


I think people are underestimating how difficult it can be to get the hex maniac tech under item lock. If you try to juniper or something, you can’t use it. You also can’t vs seeker for it, and shaymin becomes harder to draw into without ultra ball, and your hand is clogged with items anyways. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but hex maniac isn’t a perfect answer to vileplume by any means.
@baby_mario that’s probably more reasonable, I just wasn’t sure.


I played Donphan at Boston Open. It is great if you think Seismitoad EX will be less than 30% of the field. Any more than that, and you’ll hit too many to make day 2 of Regionals. The fact that Yveltal will be back with 2-3 Toads, along with all the other Toad variants, puts it on the shelf for me. Kinda sad because it is so good against everything else.


How popular do you guys think Forretress Donk will be? Granted it struggles against deck that can bench a 180 HP EX with another beefy EX active, but it has extremely good matchups against Vespiquen and Nightmarch (without archeops)…

Also do you guys think Tyranitar/Darkrai/Yveltal or Tyranitar/Bats would be a decent play?


That’s why I think Lugia is a good play. It can easily K.O. 180 HP ex’s and takes three prizes from it. Then all you need do do is Lysandre a Shaymin ex/Jirachi ex/Low HP ex for the game. Fortress struggles against ex decks without Latios and needs a bigger set up than Lugia to even attempt to pull it off. The odds are that you wont K.O. a single ex at all with just Fortress in your deck.

You also lose to Archeops. Lugia doesn’t (depending on the deck).


Maybe Forretress/Lugia?


I don’t understand. Turbo Lugia wasn’t good when states 2014 was around, so what makes people think that now, in a format ruled by item and ability lock, That Lugia could possibly succeed?


I think the point Jirachi is getting at is that with cards like Shaymin being really popular, less anti-tool/Special Energy cards being used, and better draw support in the form of Shaymin/Trainers’ Mail, Lugia is more viable.

Although overall I agree that it’s not going to do too well. It fizzles out too easily if you can stop Lugia from taking a T1 KO or get out a T2 lock. Also you could always run Enhanced Hammer to make Speed Lugia cry…