Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals


May you please refresh my memory on what Six Corners was?


I can do better than that . . .



FYI, I have been using Lugia on TCG one with great sucsess. Ask @Tototavros or @Sableyeman2002, they’ll tell you how OP my list is…


Yeah . . . I never have and never will accept a deck’s performance on online simulators as proof of anything.


Why is that? Is there a specific reason? I’m curious.


PLEASE stream the following Top 8 - I would love to know the winner. Tell me when you are going live

Pyroar / Archeops
Yveltal / Archeops
Night March / Archeops
Toad / Archeops
Speed Lugia
6 Corners
Wobbuffet / Crobat


Wait… What?
If you are asking me to put these match ups against each other in top cut style, that may be a little tough, but I might be able to do it…
If I do this, a warning: My TCG one does not show me the full screen on the computer, so you won’t be able to see everything. But let me see what I can do…


He’s right, his Lugia build is the one I’ve been testing too and it’s pretty good, but it won’t be my play, it struggle to much against most mega decks.


Because they don’t really replicate a deck’s performance in tournaments.

If I had a $ for every time someone claimed their deck was slaughtering everything online, and yet failed to win a tournament with it, I would be the proud owner of all the Pikachu Illustrators by now.


Against megas, you just attempt to kill whatever ex you can on the first turn, then Lysander another one.

@Baby Mario, you would already have a ton of illustrators because that’s what everyone said about the Shiftry deck online…


I guess that’s okay in theory, but relying on a T1 Plasma Gale is another.


I always get turn one plasma gale. Is your list similar to mine?


It took me a year to fully understand how true this is. I kept wondering why the decks that were piloting me to success on PTCGO would crash in live play. Then I got connected to Underground. Then I realized I wasn’t playing good decks on PTCGO.


Most people aren’t.

  1. More people on PTCGO are more bad than good. Counteract this by getting a friends list of legitimately good players instead of auto queing.

  2. Online games have a different timer giving some additional success to stally types of decks.

  3. PTCGO is not BO3

Those 3 things alone skew the reality of a tournament like regionals or better vs online play.


No-one really brings their A game to online play. It just doesn’t matter like a tournament game does.


What are seismitoad garbador’s bad matchups?


Part of the problem in answering that question is that only four deck lists have been published on the two main subscription content sites (and since then Shiftry was banned):

Yveltal / Archeops
Night March / Archeops
Flareon / Vespiquen
Trevenant / Accelgor

In an environment that is unexplored as Expanded, I’d say it’s fair to migrate toward Seismitoad / Garbodor. But it will typically get steamrolled by Yveltal. You have to get lucky on your laser flips to win. I dare say Virizion / Genesect will be played as well, but it will get slaughtered by Flareon.


Raichu variants handle just about all of those fine. I am sure there will be quite a few of those lingering around. My basics list also has good to fair matchups vs all of those.

Until the format defines itself some no one will be able to say for certain.


Raichu is definitely a solid choice, you need a good answer to archeops though.