Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals


I’ve found that Speed Lugia’s been best served with SkyField, allowing you to put down 4 Deoxys, a Thundurus, a Lugia, a Hoopa, and a Shaymin.


We have Skyfield, and it allows you to get three deoxys/three Shaymin at once.

Key words. They wont always manage it. And honestly, there are so many better decks in expanded to run that I don’t think Giratina/Vileplume will make an appearance.


It’s not that hard. I run a 3-2 line, maybe 3-3 (I’m thinking of adding another Garbodor in). I also have 8 tools and battle compressor with VS Seeker, if I try, I can very likely get Garbodor turn 1. Even after startling megaphone, like I said I run 8 tools and you most likely you only run 1 megaphone. What if you can’t find it? What if it’s prized?


Okay… Even if you do have it, I can set up faster than you, lysandre garbodor, and completely destroy you.


The problem with Skyfield is that once your opponent plays a counter stadium you’ll be forced to discard some of your benched Pokemon. While that may be beneficial for getting rid of Shaymin/Hoopa, if you placed down an Extra Lugia or Tundurus one of them is going to have to go too…

Silver Mirror/Enhanced hammer haven’t been answered yet either. Both were popular with Garbodor back in the day to stop Lugia cold.

Edit: Also, I haven’t played around with it too much, but can’t a fresh Mega Manectric in theory blast through 2 Lugia before going down? At which point you’ll be stretched too thin to power up a third Lugia?


I don’t run thundurus, you usually use only one lugia to win the game, most decks don’t run E hammer because of toad/vileplume/no space, not many people are running plasma so silver mirror is useless (also because of the above reason with e-hammer).

When skyfield I discarded, you should have room for 3-4 deoxys plus another lugia/keldeo.


If Lugia is that good then people will make space for those cards though, so Enhanced Hammer and Mirror are still problems…

(Using a turn to kill off Garbodor also means you’re not killing an EX that turn, giving them a chance to revenge KO and forcing you to use multiple Lugia.)


If you really want to get a T1 Garbodor, run a 4-2 Garbodor, 4-2 Ultra Ball/Level Ball, and 2 Jirachi-EX along w/ 2 Wally, but that’s if you’re desperate.

It’s also fairly easy to just Lysandre and 2hko w/ Lysandre, VS Seeker, Lysandre or double Catcher heads while Raiden Knuckling w/ a Muscle Band, so if you really want to avoid that, I’d recommend playing 1-2 Toad in your Yveltal/Garb deck.


The deck should be good for at least one see of regionals before everyone sees its power. But you can still only attatch energies to lugia only when you need them. And who says that they’ll draw into their E hammers when they need them or have a non ex to attach mirror to?


Attaching Mirror to Garbodor forces you to have a Megaphone/Tool Scrapper or else leave the lock up indefinitely, that was the idea behind it back then. You could also run in in decks like Beeveelutions or Donphan for example which utilize Silver Mirror nicely. As far as drawing into the cards themselves go; with cards like Trainer’s Mail on top of all the other draw support cards (Juniper, Bikes, Roller Skates, Shaymin, Computer Search, Korrina, etc.) it shouldn’t be that hard to find them. I rarely had any problems drawing into my Enhanced Hammers even before Trainer’s Mail, and I only ran 2 of them back when Plasma was popular.

All this talk about it does make me want to test the deck out though. Mainly so we can stop theorymoning and log some real games against a modern Lugia deck. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just have baltoy and win. Its a single card answer to it.


I was replying to @Chipadat’s idea to use garbodor as a counter.


Right Right, I was just stating there is a much easier way to take care of shiftry. Not to discard the garbodor idea though. I am running both, mainly because garbodor is good in more than just that matchup, and I would go as far to say it isn’t good in that matchup because unless you go first you still just lose.

Baltoy doesn’t care what turn you go. If you field him you win.


I think I got it. M Sceptile EX/Garbodor/Broken Vine Space. Thoughts?


I’ve had that built for a while now but never wanted to tell anyone :smile:
It needs more attacking power that nothing can provide. I tried pretty much everything and Lugia/Mewtwo was the best.


That Mega Manectric/Genesect deck looked interesting at worlds. I think it could see play in expanded. Any thoughts?


Well, everything IS better with Mewtwo. :smiley:


I guess Shiftry NXD might not be the best play for regionals now lol.

However, Ive been messing around with the one from Flashfire and it is fast and has a high damage output.


Toad/Archeops and Speed Lugia are looking pretty good right now…


You’re hyping Speed Lugia now? What is it with you and old decks that long since lost their relevance.

I’ll follow your example and start pushing Six Corners and Chandelure/Vileplume. at least they were good to play.