Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals


One thing. Hex Maniac.


I’m expecting a low-Aegislash meta. And I doubt that people will be able to use hex maniac effectively in multiple turns or even put it in their deck at all.


I think Hex will become a one-of staple in every deck. Think about it, Blastoise can’t deluge onto a keldeo to take the last two prizes, same thing for Bronzong with Metal Links, you can play a laser to do the extra damage for a knockout on Virizion EX, you can have a crucial turn of items when Vileplume is out, the list goes on. I am definitely playing a copy in all my decks.


Blastoise puts all the energy on so fast you wont have time to use Hex Maniac, Bronzong cam go without a turn of acceleration, and how many people will play have Virizion as a problem unless they are playing Accelgor. Hex Maniac still only stops Lugia for one turn in which you can just retreat to something else because you can spare one DCE (you can always attach another one then they’ll need a lysandre to stop that lugia. It will ruin their consistency and it wont do much.


Here’s the list I’ve been using. Any changes I should make?

Pokemon: 13
3x Keldeo EX
2x Blastoise
2x Shaymin EX
2x Jirachi EX
2x Exeggcute
1x Lugia EX
1x Articuno AT

Trainer: 36
2x Archie’s Ace In The Hole
2x Professor Juniper
1x Lysandre
1x N
1x Hex Maniac
4x Acro Bike
4x Ultra Ball
4x Battle Compressor
4x Trainers Mail
4x Superior Energy Retrieval
4x Vs Seeker
1x Float Stone
1x Muscle Band
1x Computer Search
2x Rough Seas

Energy: 11
11x Water


What makes that deck better than -1 Lugia-EX +1 Mewtwo-EX, -1 Hex Maniac +1 Wailord-EX?


Mewtwo is much better than Lugia. The lightning weakness is awful with all the Mega Manectric, Raichu, and Jolteon/Stage 1s.


I asked for changes to my list with BW-AOR format in mind. Worlds was BCR-RSK so making changes to match the 1st place list would be irrelevant.


Yea that’s true, my thought was using Lugia’s second attack with a muscle band if I needed to.


If you use Hex Maniac on Speed Lugia, you’re also preventing its ability. So yeah, you’re possibly picking up the KO on Aegislash, but you’re also preventing that extra prize.


I was play testing Mega Manectric tool drop a lot on TCG One, PTCGO and with my friends in general, and it seems PERFECT for regionals!!! The main reason is the Garbodor. Garbodor is a life saver in several matchups and Mega Manectric is an amazing card in general.


Are you crazy? Hex maniac is amazing. It will be a one of at the very least in just about every deck.


@RJCarrot, Speed Lugia is so fast and effective, it will take three prizes before they play Hex Maniac and then you can always spare a DCE to retreat, or use multiple Plus Power to K.O. another Pokemon, and it allows you to attack Aegislash/Safeguarders.

@Chipadat, M Manectric is very good. I was thinking of partnering it with one of the Regis, and Vileplume.

@Dark_Void, Jacob Van Wagners list is very solid. Also, I prefer Kyurem PLF to Articuno.


I don’t see how that is true, turn 1 you set up and then I play hex, and then I can VS seeker for 4 more turns as well as play another if you run it. Yes you will get your KO’s but you will probably not be getting 3 prizes as much as you would like.

And as BM said. You will run into a lot of problems VS non EX decks Like VQueen/Donphan/Night March/ETC.

Not saying its a bad choice by any means, but you cant discount how insane good hex maniac is.

Garbodor counters usually consisted of:

2x Trubbish
2x Garbodor
3-4 x Float Stones

That is 7-8 cards to turn off effects.

1-2 Hex maniacs take care of that and can be reused via VS seeker which you were running in the first place.

Plus Energy Removal is a thing, if people start picking off your plasma/dce’s you are sol.


If you play Hex Maniac multiple times in a row, you will lose the consistency you once had and I will eventually win without the need for extra prizes.

Against non ex decks, I set up two lugias and pick off their Shaymin with lysandre.

Garbodor can’t come in fast enough. I will already have taken 2-3 prizes.

Most people wont run energy denial unless they are expecting a lot of special energy decks, or if they are running a deck devoted to it.

The only true autoloss is Toad/Garbodor.


Unless I some how turn one Garbodor with Wally and have the float stone in hand. ( Which is possible by the way). I was thinking of actually running 2 Wally just for these decks like Speed Lugia and especially Shiftry.


Against Shiftry, you still need to go first, have the Trubbish, Float Stone, and the Wally spread in hand. Against lugia, your set up will be ruined. I do have a megaphone In my deck for thus reason.


Speed Lugia has been tried before and never really took off. Ability lock blocks Lugia not only from taking extra prizes, but also from doing more than 140 per turn (unless you run PP.) This is insufficient against any popular EX Pokemon not named Shaymin, which the opponent wouldn’t place down in an ability lock anyways. Additionally with the advent of Hex Maniac and VS Seeker obtaining the lock becomes practical for every deck; especially those that didn’t rely too much on abilities from the start. Not to mention with the discard effect Lugia can only attack a finite number of times. If you use Thundurus for recovery then you drag the game on which weakens Speed Lugia as well.

If Lugia ever saw major success, your opponent could use Enhanced Hammer which would make you burn through Plasma Energy extremely fast. Again speed decks lose steam if the game drags on, so if you’re forced to start recovering Energy an opponent can capitalize on it. The inclusion of Silver Mirror would also force you to have more cards to pull off the combo. Finally I’d imagine that Vileplume/Giratina is another very bad matchup for this deck. Item Lock plus the inability to attach special Energy from the hand as soon as T2 would kill Speed Lugia…


Speed Lugia now has Hoopa ex.

Giratina Vileplume, you have Colress Machine, and they can’t do anything until turn two, giving you time to lysandre/KO Giratina.


Hoopa EX eats bench space (which you need for Deoxys and possibly a second Lugia) which makes it inferior, in my opinion, to Plasma Ball.

Vileplume has the potential to come out on T1 with Broken Vine-Space; locking you out of Colress Machine, Plasma Ball, Megaphone, Muscle Band, VS Seeker, and Trainer’s Mail. It’s more common for this to happen on T2, but once it does happen a large portion of your deck is shut down. Strategic use of Xerosic, AZ, and Giratina in the following turns can put you in a very bad position…