Best Deck Choices for 2015-2016 Fall Regionals

So after Nationals, I started thinking about Regionals (because I don’t have my invite :disappointed_relieved:). I already knew about Ancient Origins, and by then I knew what every card was. Let me just say that for the record, Ancient Origins was the scariest thing I ever saw. There are a lot of good cards that make deadly combos. Then I find out that Regionals is expanded!!! I freaked out even more, even though it’s 2 months away, I’ve been franticly trying to make a deck, then I test the deck, find out it sucks, take it apart, repeat. I need help to find a good solid deck that will do well at Regionals. On the bright side, I’m going to Fort Wayne so I can see what happens at other Regionals first.

I also just came back from the Ancient Origins prerelease and realized that Hex Maniac is a NIGHTMARE!!! I come up with a good deck idea, and remember that Hex Maniac destroys it. I’m not sure if Hex Maniac will be a problem or not, I think a lot of decks will run probably 1 copy and recycle it with VS Seeker just to get a free turn to shut off like Vileplume or Pyroar, etc.

The number 1 deck I’ve been thinking about is Mega Sceptile, I think this is the best option, anyone oppose?

Pyroar/Archeops is the best choice. You have to use Hex Maniac, Wobbufet or Garbodor to shut of their abilities. However, you can’t evolve into Garbodor, no one will run Wobbuffet, and Hex Maniac is your supporter for the turn which means that unless u already have the evolution in hand u still wont be able to play it. Plus Pyroar destroys Sceptile because of weakness anyways so…

… until Toad/Garb decks tech evosoda/wally

Yeah, uh, it doesn’t work like that.

For instance, if this became big, Wobbuffet would be a must-run.


I love the ‘no-one will run Wobbuffet’ line.

Because no-one will bother to use something that works against something as obscure and underhyped as Vileplume, will they?

Archeops/Pyroar was a failure before. Sure, now it has Maxie, but it also has to contend with Wobbuffet, Lysandre, Megas, Wally, Evosoda . . . I see the appeal of the lock, but against prepared players, the reality will be a lot more brutal than the theory.


How many players will be prepared for this if it was bad before.

Also, this would probably a week one thing because everyone will start countering it after

They will be prepared for Vileplume, and that means running Wobbuffet.


They don’t have to prepare for it specifically. It isn’t enough of a threat to warrant that.

As long as they know what it does and run Wobbuffet, they’ll be fine. This isn’t an out of the blue thing like Wailord, this is a known, slightly hyped, deck.

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Honestly, im pretty sure a big basics fighting deck is the way to go. Uses almost no abilities, and shreds through the relatively low hp pokemon that are causing a fuss, like wobbufet, garbodor, and vileplume.

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Wobbuffet with what?

Random Fighting jank always does ok. Especially in uncertain metas


Big numbers? Check
Low energy cost? Check
Crap load of damage modifiers? Check
Seems pretty sound at this point.

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So if Wobbuffet is a good choice and we’re talking about fighting Pokémon, how about Primal Groudon Wobbufett
I played it at Nationals and did pretty OK.

Also, I here a lot of talking about Shiftry. What’s your opinion on that?

Wobbufett and Archeops kill that.

Wobb seemed solid before (used to block Shaymin for example) and if it counters dark Shiftry, Vileplume and Pyroar/Archeops, and all of those are being hyped, I see no reason to expect less Wobb.

So besides Primal Groudon, what does Wobbufett work well with? How about Crobat?

Are there other people hyping this? I though I was the only one.

That’s what I originally thought. Probably the best counter to Pyroar/Archeops there is.

It seems even better now that everyone is playing Shaymin and Jirachi EX, weak HP Pokémon that give up two easy prizes. Plus now that we’re in expanded, we can run Devolution Spray as well

Remotely related question - how many regionals do some of you typically attend? Do you all try and go to a certain amount at least a year - or only close-ish regionals?

I only go to the Midwestern Regionals, I’ve only gone to the Spring one in Madison so far because of other conflicts, but I’m moving out of state now and my schedule is clearing up so I’m trying to attend the Fall, Winter, and Spring Regionals. Why do you ask?