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Could you elaborate on why you think drampa beats zoroark? When testing that matchup extensively I find that a good zoroark player (or at least one who understands that matchup if nothing else) will win a Bo3. The only way I can see drampa winning is by turn two Garbotoxin established with zoroark not having an out to field blower and/or colress while the drampa player also finds sudowoodo quick, forcing the zoroark player to find field blower for comsistency plus hex/pokemon/skyfield to get around sudowoodo unless they already have skyfield/pokemon without needing field blower. Drampa garb then just doesn’t do enough damage and relies heavily on using righteous edge while using N + parallel + Garbotoxin +sudowoodo and even then I have won many games with zoroark. It’s not hard at all and despite weeks of testing with drampa garb I can’t see myself playing it simply because zoroark is a super sketchy matchup and you don’t always hit everything you need


Between the locking aspects of Righteous Edge and Garbotoxin, plus the restriction of not being able to play items without a care that Trashalanche brings, I’ve found Drampa to at least have a decent chance to beat Zoroark. Igor’s list for Costa Mesa even featured a Sudowoodo to complement Parallel City, creating so many barriers to battle through if they want to get an OHKO. With Acerola, the Drampa player can completely control the pace of the game, and eventually sweep in the end with Drampa or Garbodor GRI.

However, I don’t mean to give off the impression that it’s unwinnable for Zoroark. I even said in my article that a fast Zoroark start or a slow Garbodor start could lead to a Zoroark win. But Drampa has one of the better matchups against Zoroark of any deck in the field, while also standing a good chance against the rest of the format.


I didn’t get that impression I just was confused why you said that:

…which I agree with seeing as IMO literally nothing beats zoroark consistently. I’d probably be playing zoroark right now if the mirror wasn’t literally the greatest cancer on earth lol


I know this isn’t my thread, but I think that Glaceon/Barbaracle is insane against Zoroark/Eggs. Adding an Oranguru UPR really helps the Drampa matchup as well. However, that deck cannot beat random decks, which is evidenced by my lackluster 5-4 at Costa Mesa, while Christopher and Alex both did well and Travis got points.


How does oranguru work? Recycle DCEs and rough seas? Pray they don’t go rainbow on bench pkmn into berserk KO


The typical use for Oranguru is to shuffle items back and make Trashalanche less impactful. That’s their normal way to close out the game, so if you get them to a point where they’re only doing 60 or less a turn with it, you’ll usually win.

You can also use it to get back DCE and Rough Seas, or whatever you need to win. The flexibility is what makes the card worth the spot.