Becoming a Pokemon TCG Writer


My names Canyon, and I’m a trading card game player from Northern California. I’m looking to get into writing articles on the Pokemon Trading Card Game. I consider myself a good writer, it’s one of my past times, and the way in which articles are usually written is almost second nature to me. I just past my first year of competitive play as a master with the release of Guardians Rising, having returned to the game after a long hiatus of almost 7 years. My tournament experience is rather limited, having attended many local events and two regionals. My best finish was at the second of the two regionals, where I managed to place in the top 32 in Portland. I also have managed connections and acquaintances in the community, one of my close friends being Phinnigan Lynch, other friends including Graham Westby, Daniel Altavilla and acquaintances such as the Schemanske brothers.
So I was wondering where would be a good place to start when it comes to getting into the scene of writing for PTCG and was hoping people could point me in a direction.


I would say the worst you could do is ask Chris to become one (he is an owner of this site…) or reach out to another website. If you ever want me to proof-read, I’ll do it anytime :smiley:


Dang and Phinn write articles for Phinns site called cutortap so you could ask them as well.


Thank you. I might take you up on that. I think the real issue though is I don’t really have a resume like all of the other writers.


Anytime! Just reach out and I’ll lend a hand!


Over at they are looking for contributors and writers, i would try there!