"Beat Up" - Sneasel Neo, Slowking Neo // Neo-on


—18 Pokemon—
4 Sneasel
4 Cleffa
3 Slowpoke
3 Slowking
4 Murkrow

—30 Trainers—
4 Lass
3 Bill
3 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
2 Switch
4 Focus Band
4 Gust of Wind
3 Energy Charge

—12 Energy—
4 Darkness Energy
4 Full Heal Energy
4 Psychic Energy

Strategy is to overwhelm your opponent with powerful attackers in Sneasel and Murkrow, and to disrupt with Lass and Slowking. Cleffa was used for setup and to keep cards into your hand through the game. This deck was arguably the best deck during its time.


I think this list has a number of issues. Foremost among them is the 3-3 Slowking line. The faster you get multiple Slowking into play, the better the deck runs, so you should absolutely commit to the full 4-4. Also, while Sneasel is powerful, it pales in comparison to Murkrow, who can often win the entire game off a single Mean Look backed by a few Slowking in play. An ideal list should run a split of Sneasel and Murkrow to have the option to lock as well as the option to sweep. Two of each works very well.

Other notes:

  • Bill is pretty much outdated in this format. When you’re getting a fresh hand every turn with Cleffa, Bill can be replaced with higher-utility cards.

  • Rainbow Energy and Recycle Energy are staples here. I would suggest running four Rainbow and three to four Recycles. Aside from being a good Energy to put on Cleffa, Recycle works very well with…

  • Super Energy Removal. Run four, no questions. When your opponent’s Trainer use is greatly restricted, cutting off their Energy supply as well is crippling. It also allows you to Mean Look a Pokémon with a high-Energy attack (e.g. Chansey) because you can ensure that they never get to use that attack.

  • Gold Berry is another excellent card. It helps protect against strategies that try to pick off your Benched Slowking (e.g. Pichu) and it helps Murkrow survive against Mean Looked Pokémon who are only capable of chipping away at its HP. For example, if you Mean Look a Promo Mewtwo, they can only hit you for 10 each turn while you Feint Attack their Bench to pieces. After four turns, Gold Berry kicks in and Murkrow is back to full HP, effectively nullifying your opponent’s last four attacks while you’ve put 80 damage onto their Bench.

Just some suggestions to make this list more like the best lists of that time. Definitely a fun deck, though!


Is this supposed to be a hypothetical reconstructed list or a copy of an actual list used back then? It looks an awful lot like the Bulbapedia example list.

Here is an example of a list actually played back then: