"Barking Up the Right Tree" – Four Distinct Ways to Play Trevenant and Two to Counter the Current BDIF

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For the hybrid list, what do you think of -1 weakness, syca, and crushing for 3 balloon?

So you would play Weakness Policy and Bursting Balloon in the same deck? It’s not a terrible idea but I’ve found that the only deck that can reliably attack Trevenants turn after turn under Item Lock is Dark type decks, or Manectric, and Manectric is just a completely lost cause. Rayquaza might be the other deck that can and it’s too vulnerable too Hammers.

If you see merit in it, try it out and let me know how it goes. But I don’t think Bursting Balloon really adds much to Trevenant if you’re expecting to play against as much Dark as I am.

No ace spec in m mane list

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Since Alex/I are in Canada and I have the Internet access: that’s why it was a 59 card list in editing. Alex and I were very confused. Should be short Colress in favor of Computer Search. That’s been updated in the article—thanks!

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Thus is the danger of porting lists over from Standard to Expanded. Even worse, I was testing the deck out without any Ace Spec >.<