Ban Puzzle of Time before it destroys the meta


When I first read the card effect on Puzzle of Time, I didn’t think it was that good. However, now I know that Puzzle of Time is one of the strongest cards, and could potentially end up bringing the same kind of Pokemon TCG anarchy that Lysandre’s Trump Card did just nine months ago.

Combined with Sableye DEX, Puzzle of Time can allow unlimited recycling of cards, such as Crushing Hammer and Hypnotoxic Laser, much like LTC did in the past. Seismitoad EX decks can now use multiple copies of DCE, Hammers and Lasers as well, bringing back much of the benefit it had from LTC.
However, my real concern about Puzzle of Time is that it will narrow the format down to just a few decks, which is a very unhealthy meta.

Some people say that Sableye should be banned, instead of Puzzle of Time. However, I believe this is not the case. Sableye/Garbodor is a perfectly healthy deck, but without Puzzle of Time it is not an overpowered deck, like with Seismitoad EX and LTC. I believe that banning Puzzle of Time, not Sableye, is the way forward towards a healthier meta.

I hope you take my opinion into account,


First of all, I don’t think TPCI will ban a card that they just released.
Second, I disagree with many points made.
Puzzle of time will usually end up being a 4 of in order for it to be able to consistently end up in your hand with another copy at the same time.
Lots of decks, sableye included, can’t really afford to take out four cards to clump up their deck to add in four cards that can only be used usually once per game unless you recycle more puzzles.
The cards don’t really improve consistency other than if you get consistency cards from the discard pile or if you use the single card effect with a draw card like slurpuff PHF.

PoT, in my opinion clunks up the deck, lowering consistency all for a cause that may not even be possible during a game.

It’s not even worth running in my opinion in any deck except for maybe toad variants and night march. Possible colorless mega ray variants too.

So if it isn’t worth it, why ban it?

(I would also kik to point out that Sableye literally can beat anything and everything. Even primal groudon if the PG player benches to many things or yveltal if they get fairly lucky on specific hammer flips.)


There is nothing wrong with puzzle of time in the format. There is something wrong with junk hunt life dew and puzzle of time in the same format.


Oh, yeah, and PoT in sableye is NOT broken. Jjunk hunt gets you two items already. Puzzle just allows you to get am energy card or an aquas base out of the discard pile. It’s not that broken. Plus Puzzle of time is more prone to N, Ace Trainer, Ghetsis, Red Card, etc.


Yeah. I love using Ghetsis after my opponent has let me know that their post junk-hunt items are about to be gone.


Puzzle of time lets you get life dew every turn instead of every other.


Sableye wins and is a perfectly fine deck without needing a life dew every turn.


The deck can lose to those turns where you can’t get a life dew out. Especially in the yveltal matchup when they can get a KO every turn regardless of how much energy is on the field at the start, it comes up pretty big.

The deck is far from broken as Megaphone exists, as does flipping tails on top of deck that only give you one turn of items. The deck will be more competitive come Break Point but not broken. Definitely a deck to test for regionals.


Something that I saw which may help.

And a quick question:
Do you have to discard a stadium to use Delinquent?


Yes. (With cards like that the discarding of the stadium is a trigger, not an effect/cost)


This card is not nearly as broken as you think it is, in Sableye, most of the cards you mentioned are items to begin with making it more efficient just to junk hunt for them as opposed to dedicating 4 slots to a generally useless card. The card certainly is good, but in its own niche. For example I think it would be strong in toad variants and night march, but primarily as a means of getting back energy, and it certainly isn’t overpowered or gamebreaking.


Puzzle of Time in Donphan anyone? It runs a korrina engine, so why not?


Maybe. I can see it sorta working.


Sableye/Garbodor with Puzzle Of Time is certainly strong, but I don’t think that the deck will live up to the hype. Going into Oregon and Florida Regionals, the deck is going to have a gigantic target on its back, and I think too many people will be playing to counter it. It’s a solid deck, but I don’t think it’s as bulletproof as people are making it out to be.


Perhaps Spiritomb LTR or Articuno ROS 17 would be an easy Life Dew counter?


Sableye isn’t played enough to warrant spiritomb. And articuno is already played in archies but can’t fit in much else.


Spiritomb is also shut off by Garbodor, so it’s not a great tech for the job.


Articuno can easily fit into a M-Manectric/Regice deck.


POT , is a fine card for standard, it will give decks a great chance to Consistently boost resources.