Back to the game after a hiatus, what are the staples?! Played a lot 10 years ago


I just settled down after finishing my Master’s and moving to a new area, and I am REALLY wanting to start playing again. I played a lot from 2004-2007 and a bit more in 2011-2013ish. I really need a list of what would be a good list of trainer/supporter/special energy staples.

I am wanting to buy all the singles to make at least two current top-tier decks before I go to my local league, it seems quite active! Any help would be great so I could make a mass purchase. Thank you!


Something to consider: There are now 2 formats. You would want some cards for both, but some cards are only playable in expanded.
Some big ones for standard:
Tapu Lele
Ultra ball

Expanded cards:
Vs Seeker

That is all I can think of. The rest depends on the deck.


Staples for 2018 rotation? or for our current format?


Worlds is the last tournament in this format besides the anehiem open, so I just figured 2018.


Some other useful staples/near staples

A brigette or two, accerola, rescue stretchers and fieldblowers


In addition to what’s been mentioned, you’ll need these as well:

Choice Band
Float Stone
Super Rod

Deck-dependent cards:

Rare Candy
Max Elixir
Aqua Patch
Puzzle of Time


Thanks guys! I meant post worlds. It seems a lot of the staples came from Guardians Rising. I ordered 3 boxes of Guardians Rising and 2 of the Guardians Rising Elite Trainer Boxes since I guess I need basic energy, I couldn’t find them. In addition to that, I ordered this:

Float Stone
Super Rod
VS Seeker
Ultra Ball

I have tons of Rare Candy, Colress, and Ghetsis left over. I’ll fill out what I need afterwards. You guys were a great help. Thank you!