"Back to the Future" – The Pokemon Precedent, Anomaly and Meta, Early Picks for Anaheim, and What Else to Watch For

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Ive been playing the Lurantis GX deck on PTCGO quite a bit and I love where you started. Somehow though Im feeling as though the deck actually has a fairly hard time setting up. Its short on basics, short on energy (early) and short on damage. Do you have any changes you would recommend trying? Im toying with Tauros GX and its been solid, and I replaced the Lugia Ex with it, but Im not sold. Any other suggestions?

Appreciate the love! Lurantis is a card I am a huge fan of, but unfortunately being a stage 1 can be slightly problematic in our current format (even with Forest!) Here are some changes I would recommend, as it seems like you want a more consistent build with less tech options.

-1 Garbodor
-2 Weakness Policy

+1 N
+1 Trainer’s Mail
+1 Stardust Jirachi
+1 Professor’s Letter

To start, a 2-1 Garbodor line with Super Rod will work just fine. Mega Mewtwo/Garbodor is another deck that is essentially a stage 1 with Garbodor, and it usually only plays a 2-1 Garbodor line. The Garbodor will still usually happen if you want it to, but will be prized occasionally. With only 60 cards to work with, cuts have to be made somewhere.

I’ve decided that it is probably best for our list to take the loss to Volcanion. As a grass deck it is going to be hard enough already, so it is probably a better idea to focus on our realistic matchups, as 2 Weakness Policy is not always enough vs Volcanion anyway.

The problem is adding cards. I don’t see enough room for additional energy, pokemon, and consistency. I would recommend you take consistency and decide which of the other two you’d like. I personally think that 9 Basic pokemon with only 2 Shaymin is fine, as other decks (Mega Mewtwo, Turbo Darkrai) play 2 Shaymin and a Hoopa along with only 9 Basics, making it so that a third of potential starters are undesireable.

An N and a Trainer’s Mail will do for consistency, and I would recommend a Professor’s Letter over an 11th Grass as it is searchable through Trainer’s Mail. I would also recommend testing 9 Grass and 2 Letter.

Finally, if you are dissatisfied with Lugia, I would suggest a Stardust Jirachi. It only takes one Grass to use Stardust, and it can prove very helpful in slower games where resources are key.

Hope this helps!

This actually looks like some really solid changes. I haven’t played against Volcanion yet online, but even Weakness Policy hasn’t been as good as Garbodor against the Eeveelutions decks with Flareon. Garb has typically been enough. I do like the Jirachi inclusion, there are a lot of DCE’s running around currently on PTCGO.

Thanks for the update, Ill try out these changes, list feels like it really wants to get there.