"Back Bay Turbo Bolting" – 42nd Place Junior World Championship Report with Manectric/Tool Drop


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good stuff, DMV represent!


Great article! My brother made day two in juniors with MetalRay.


Congrats! How did he do? Obviously wish my son had played your brother! MetalRay was the kind of fresh meat we were hoping for more of.


Don’t remember. He went 2-4(?) day two. I sadly did not do well day one or the BO playing Primal Kyogre. Seniors is a lot tougher than juniors. Your son did a great job! Congrats.


All we need is a strategy to kill Bunnelbys (a Mewtwo and a DCE?) and we can house a lot of Juniors.

I don’t think that offering them accomodation makes up for slaughtering their poor Bunnelbys.

Just what is your plan here? :smiley:


With same deck we went 30th place in juniors, losed 2 times to landybats and 1 time to Manectric/Yveltal.


Landybats was everywhere in juniors. Terrible meta call. Toad is best card in format, why did we not play it?


@baby_mario makes fun of me, but I would have gotten the same joke if I had said “school the juniors”. I got to educate those kids!

Ironically, as I noted in my comments about the deck, Wailord was actually a good play in a meta full of bats and Landorus.


Hey Brent! Alejandro says thanks for mentioning him in the article. He also says that he still wants to play with Liam and Walker even though he’s aged up.

I can’t believe that Liam still has two more years left as a junior. He’s gonna be wrecking the competition.