AZ Pokemon Regionals

AZ regionals

Breaking News
Pokemon vastly under estimates attendance

Total 733 players
MA. 459 139.
SR 71 15
JR 38 11

I think this is the stream

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Want to make sure this is clear: TPCi isn’t running this event. TPCi didn’t do any of the bad things that happened this morning.


Do you wish to elaborate?

He really couldn’t be any clearer aside maybe mentioning that it’s the PTO running the event.z

The Arizona Regionals was apparently much bigger then they expected it to be and it caused several problems and delays.

They had only set the Masters division for about 300 players so they had to add several more tables.

Registration also took longer. The players meeting was scheduled to be at 9:30 but it was 11:30 when they finally sat down.

They also had issues with stream. Not sure all the issues there but it apparently centered around whoever was doing stream didn’t test things out ahead of time.

Now I don’t want anyone to think that it was a bad event… Actually overall they did a great job. The location and facilities are great. Lots of space, 4 different vendors, good VIP area, side events and prize wall and a great staff that pulled it all together.

They just underestimated the attendance and it took time to adjust for the extra people.

Also as Chris said… This event is not being run by TPCi. All Regionals are run by independant Tournament Organizers not TCPi. So when I said Pokemon underestimated the attendance, it’s important to note that it’s not TCPi

What I hope TO’s take away from this event is that

  1. with Regionals spread evenly across the year they are no longer are competing against each other for attendance and to expect much higher numbers

  2. Start registration / Check in earlier or like Nationals allow it the night before.

  3. Set for more then you ever expected. It is so much easier to pull unneeded numbers off unused tables then to try and get the convention staff to find tables and chairs for another 175 players.

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Heard that the power outage caused some issues. Is it true that round eight is restarting tomorrow or that everyone gets a tie for the round?

That is…untrue. Round 8 was paused for 8 minutes before resuming. Someone forgot that they were two hours behind schedule.


At a Grand Prix, you have to preregister by a deadline (typically 8pm Fri). Then, when you come into the venue on Saturday, players must check the posted roster (up by 8am). If you aren’t on the roster, you have about an hour to prove you preregistered. Then, the field is alphabetized by last name and players sit for deck registration collection and players meeting.

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that makes much more sense then what happened at AZ…

The hold up was in this requirement to have a printed copy of the registration… (Which they charged 5$ for to print on site) there was this massive line to get a printout and then once that was cleared they realized … We don’t have enough seats for everyone…

I don’t understand the need for the printout at all…unless it was simply a $$$ grab by making people pay for the use of the printer.

  1. Simply tell everyone they have to register online by x time the day before

  2. Then post the pre reg paring online and/or by 8 am in paper at the venue

  3. tell everyone to take their seat for a player meeting at 8:30 / 9 am and have the judges verify missing people.

  4. If they aren’t there they get dropped if they are and their is an issue send them to the registration table

  5. Drop the missing people and pair round 1

It’s not that hard, They do it at Nationals and it goes so much simpler but for some reason in AZ they wanted that paper printout of the registration.

How’d everyone do? Standings?

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greninja won masters

Wonder if this will have any affect on Florida

What was cut like? I missed some matches and only saw trevenant break, greninja, and Raikou eels.

I heard about Raikou eels/gallade


Raikou/Eels with Gallade in it? That sounds so weird and so good all at the same time.

Ninja x3
P groudon
Toad bats
Eels gallade

Dark did not make top 8

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^another greninja, I think. I thought I heard about 3 in top 4.

Are the top-cut decklists up yet?

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Top 4 was Greninja mirror and Trevenant vs Toad/Bats.