AZ/Fighting Fury Belt Ruling Question

Let’s say I am playing against an opponent who has a hoopa on the bench with 200 damage and a fighting fury belt. Let’s also say that my opponent uses AZ on his hoopa to get it back into his or her hand.
Do I get 2 prize cards?
On TCGONE I got 2 prize cards because in the process of AZ’ing, the fighting fury belt was discarded which left the hoopa with less health than taken damage (I suppose this happened before the hoopa was returned to the hand)

In a real life match it wouldn’t work like that right?

Just wanted to make sure

Yeah you wouldn’t get prize cards because the Hoopa is removed from the field and put into their hand.

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I believe that’s a glitch on TCGONE right now.

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Everything is a glitch on TCGone tbh