August 2020 Schedule


7/25: Play! Pokémon Players Cup: Bracket Play to T4/region

Tu 7/28: @thefleeee
Tu 7/28: @Crayon
Th 7/30: @Tablemon

Tu 8/4: @Crayon
Th 8/6: @xpero

Tu 8/11: @Sem_Medo
Th 8/13: @Alex_Schemanske

8/13: Darkness Ablaze: PTCGO Release
8/14: Darkness Ablaze: Street Release

M 8/17: @Roarchomp
Tu 8/18: @Tablemon
W 8/19: @Crayon
Th 8/20: @Jonner

8/22–23: Atlas Collectables: POG Championship 2020 … UPR–DAB

Tu 8/25: @Sem_Medo
W 8/26: @gabriel1299374 (free)
Th 8/27: @Alex_Schemanske

8/28: Darkness Ablaze: Legal for Tournament Play
8/28: Rotation to TEU–DAB
8/29–30: Play! Pokémon Players Cup: Finals Stream


  • We’re at two articles per week again for August, but we may add one or two slots during the week leading up to the recently announced POG Championship.

  • I am almost moved in to my new place. I’m hoping to pick up with site development (i.e., coding) during August.

As usual, if you have any feedback/questions/suggestions, message me here on the forums or email Thanks much for your support.