August 2019 6P Schedule

7/27–7/28: Unified Minds Prerelease Weekend #2

Tue 7/30: @thefleeee
Wed 7/31: @Alex_Schemanske

8/1: Unified Minds on PTCGO @ ~12pm ET
8/2: Unified Minds Street Release

Fri 8/2: @Jose
Sat 8/3: @Sem_Medo
Sun 8/4: @xpero

Tue 8/6: @Tablemon
Thu 8/8: @Alex_Schemanske

Sat 8/10: @Jose
Sun 8/11: @thefleeee
Mon 8/12: @Jonner
Tue 8/13: @PeterKica
Wed 8/14: @Alex_Schemanske

8/16–8/18: Worlds & DC Open … Standard … UPR–Unified Minds

Tue 8/20: @xpero (Free)
Thu 8/22: @Sem_Medo

Tue 8/27: @Alex_Schemanske
Thu 8/29: @Tablemon


  • @Jose will be making his Underground debut in August!

  • We are loading up on content around the PTCGO release of Unified Minds and during the lead-up to Worlds. The publishing schedule is going to be weird (there will be weekend articles), so take note of that.

  • I am still working on the new website. Each day I make progress, but there are so many features that need to be addressed, so it’s taking a long time. It’s been about a month since I first started. I should reasonably have it completed by Worlds.

Thanks for your support during the July lull. I’m excited for August and the upcoming season!

Hey all, I am starting on Gabriel’s article for today now. I’m aiming to have it ready by mid afternoon EDT.

Heads up: We’re going to be a little late published Xander’s article for today. I’m thinking it will be out in the early evening EDT. I apologize for the delay.

Hey everyone, I’m just starting on Xander’s article now. Our schedules mismatched today, hence the delay. My plan is to finish editing before I fall asleep, but I may schedule the article for tomorrow morning since it’ll be done so late and most of you won’t see it until then anyway.

I’m waiting on Xander for one last edit, then we’ll go ahead and publish for you night owls.

Hey everyone! We’re going to have a special article today (or tomorrow) from Xander on his insane Naganadel-GX/Checkmate deck. He’s 5,500 words in and still has a little ways to go. The deck is intricate (to say the least), so his write-up is quite detailed. We’re hoping to publish sometime this evening, otherwise be on the lookout for it tomorrow morning!

Update: Xander’s article will be out Wednesday morning. (Thanks for your patience!)

Hey all, I’m in the process of editing Gabriel’s article for today. It’s probably going to take me another couple of hours, so look for it in the early evening EDT.