August 2016 Article Schedule

[7/23: Steam Siege Prerelease Weekend #1]

Tuesday 7/26: @kazambolt
Thursday 7/28: @henryrossc

[7/30: Steam Siege Prerelease Weekend #2]

Tuesday 8/2: @eriknance
[8/3: Steam Siege Street Release]
Thursday 8/4: @rlaparre

Tuesday 8/9: @Rsabelhaus
Thursday 8/11: @CeladonBrit

Monday 8/15: @BrandonCantu
Wednesday 8/17: @thevilegarkid

[8/19-8/21: Worlds (XY-Steam Siege)]

Wednesday 8/24: @kazambolt
Friday 8/26: @KPiplup

Tuesday 8/30: @henryrossc

We’re going to be mostly covering XY-on Standard this month for Worlds, but is there any demand for PRC-on Standard coverage for next season as well? Let me know if you want to see that and we can try to at least throw some ideas out there for those that won’t be attending Worlds.

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I’d definitely like some PRC-on coverage for next season, if that’s alright.


I’d be curious to see what people are anticipating being hot in PRC-on as a way to close out articles, but until information comes out confirming the Standard PRC-on meta matters before XY12 drops, I wouldn’t need to see anything focusing on it.

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Actually, I would love to hear from some of the established players:

  1. how they anticipate and game plan for some of the crazy international brews floating around

  2. why the worlds meta is so vastly different than what me might find at a Regionals

I was blown away by the divergent metas walking back and forth from worlds to Boston Open…


Yeah but for some who aren’t going to be attending worlds, we would like to see if expanded changes much before regionals, if there are any.

This is pretty much why a light commentary is good enough for me. We have no indication right now that the PRC-on meta will matter (beyond League Challenges) before it shifts to accommodate XY12.

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(Update for tonight please)

Erik’s article is being worked on but I’m a little stuck right now. He alluded to some Greedy Dice math, however the numbers are off and I’m attempting to figure out the real percentages and I don’t really know what I’m doing. Might have to call in an expert to help.

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Maybe you guys just shouldn’t talk about greedy dice

That’s a possibility. I would like to include accurate data regarding the card though since it’s mentioned. I think the numbers might be interesting!

What I think I’ll do is edit everything besides that part, then we may have to come back later (after publishing) and fill in the missing info.

EDIT: Working on captions right now then the article will be good to go!

Genuine question: Considering information isn’t really time-sensitive right now, why would you prefer less content over a bit more time for more, enlightening content?


Just got started on Russ LaParre’s article for today about half an hour ago. I don’t expect it to be ready until late tonight, possibly tomorrow morning.

EDIT: Yep, this won’t be ready until tomorrow. Sorry for the wait, guys!


Another update … I’m a little more than halfway through my final proofread. I still then need to finish up with images and come up with a title. I apologize this is taking so long. I’m pretty much making edits to every single sentence.


Yo peeps! Ryan’s article will be out ~late this evening. He’s incorporating thoughts on the changes for next season and so we need some extra time to get that in place. I’m excited to see what Ryan has to say!


Will there be some worlds stuff or is it all about next season? Just wondering.

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All about next season.

It’s not looking like I’ll have Ryan’s article ready tonight. Correcting grammar and stylistic flow are taking me a while. I’m going to do as much as I can but it’s going to be best if I hold off publishing until the morning.

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Hey guys! I’ve been working on @BrandonCantu’s article throughout the afternoon. I’m going to take a short break then come back with a final proofread before working on images. I should have it ready in the evening. Topics include a few control-oriented decks for Worlds and a few favorites for PRC-on.


Hey all! I hope you had safe travels to and from San Fran. @kazambolt’s article recapping his Worlds experience will be out sometime in the late afternoon/early evening Eastern Time. We’re actually pretty far along in the editing process already and I think you all will really enjoy reading his wrap-up of the event!