Aromatisse XY Variants // XY-on 2016

This is not exactly a fairy deck, but does use Aromatisse… Struggles right now are continuing relevancy into late game, and doing enough damage to take KOs. Things that I think might help are more Lysandres to better protect against the opponent sitting with no energy on the active, charging something on the bench, Shuppet (because bleh), Ariados AOR + Slurpuff XY for some extra damage.

Pokemon: 15
4x Team Aqua’s Seviper
3x Spritzee
3x Aromatisse
1x Regirock
3x Malamar EX
1x Shaymin EX

Trainers: 35
4x Sycamore
3x Birch
1x Xerosic
1x Lysandre
3x VS Seeker
4x Trainer’s Mail
4x Ultra Ball
2x Level Ball
3x Muscle Band
2x Energy Recycle
1x Enhanced Hammer
2x Float Stone
1x Sacred Ash
4x Dimension Valley

Energy: 10
4x Rainbow Energy
6x Fairy Energy

I don’t understand what the purpose of this deck is…

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The idea was to be able to consistently discard you opponent’s energy while doing 30 (or 50) damage. The key is seviper’s second attack “Venom Tail”

Malamar EX provides easy access to special conditions, while Aromatisse can move the energy you just attached to the malamar EX to a seviper, who can then attack with 1 energy (via DimValley). I just realized i forgot to specify the Regirock is the promo one (to serve as a energy bank).

The deck works in regards to the energy disruption, but the damage is a bit lacking.

Maybe put some aquas secret base in here so they can’t easily switch into another Pokemon?

Will Fighting Fury Belt and Max Potion save Aromatisse from the binder? Critiques are appreciated.

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I was building the exact same deck however here are some suggestions for ya:

-2 Escape Rope (I know its for Xerneas, but not needed, you won’t be attacking till turn 3 at least)
-1 Teammates (Does not work with prize denial deck)
-1 Bunnelby (Not needed, conserve your energy until needed to attack)

+1 Fighting Fury Belt (3 is optimal)
+1 Hydreigon EX/Latios EX (Have an extra dragon just in case to transfer energy over)
+2 Disruption cards (Enhanced Hammer/Head Ringer/Red Card/etc.)

Other cards you can include are: 3rd max potion, 3rd Spritzee/3rd Aromatisse, Team Flare Grunt

Latios EX can be use to donk Zubats/Feebas/Combee but Hydreigon EX is more optimal for Shred attacking (Regice).

Hopefully I helped :slightly_smiling:

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Why do I see no Yveltal EX or Malamar EX?

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My attempt to revive the old concept of Type-coverage with new attackers from Generations:

I know that the deck faces more Ability locks (e.g. Hex Maniac, Garbotoxin, Shadow Stitching) right now than ever that might hold it back in competitive play, but would still appreciate suggestions for improvements.


Remove Flareon and Sceptile ex and add in Trevenant ex and maybe one of the FLF Charizard ex’es or an Entei AOR (any kind).


Manaphy, sky field, hoopa, just off the top of my head

Remember the old Toad-malamar-Aromatisse?


I played that last seattle regionals. I lost twice to Primal Kyogre to not get to cut, and I can say with confidence that Primal Kyogre was the deck’s worst matchup.

But since Primal Kyogre is dead now, it could be worth looking in to.

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Still not worth looking into as hex, garbodor, plume, etc. destroy the deck.

Hello. I was looking into getting into the Tcg competitively. I have made a Xerneas/Aromatisse deck from my collection, but I wanted some feedback and criticism so I can look into investing in cards to make it better. All critcism is accepted and appreciated. ( Btw I know about the metagame, so you won’t have to explain that to me.) Also, please note:

  • I use shauna as an N subsitute. As of now, I only have 2 N.
  • I realize roller skates are unreliable, but I dont have the level balls to replace them.
    -I am going to invest in more prism energies as well as rainbow energies, but s of now I only have 1 of each.
    -I play riachu as a good subsitute attacker. Yes, theres better jobs for that now like hawlutcha, but since my bench will be super full most of the game, I prefer to use him. Also, I dont have hawlutcha.
    -I will invest in a mewtwo ex soon, but as of now i’m running jigglypuff as a substitute.

Finally, the deck list:
2x Xerneas
2x Xerneas Ex
1x Darkrai Ex
2x Aromatisse
2x Spritzee
1x Swirlix
1x Slurpuff
1x wigglytuff
1x jigglypuff
2x riachu
2x pikachu

Trainers: (28)
4x Juniper
2x N
2x Shauna
2x Colress
1x Skyla
1x Lysandre ( Only have one :frowning: )
4x Roller Skates
2x Professeors letter
2x Pokemon Catcher
1x muscle Band ( Only have 1, but I would use 2 or 3 If I had more)
2x Ultra Ball
2x evosoda
1x Energy Retrieval
2x fairy garden
Energy: (15)
4x Double colourless
1x Rainbow energy ( Only have the 1)
1x Prism energy ( Only have 1)
9x Fairy energy

Hopefully its ok! Again, all criticism is appreciated! Thanks for checking it out!

Worth investing in VS Seekers, on top of all that. So:

-1 Juniper, -2 Shauna, -1 Colress, +4 VS Seekers.

That should make life a teensy bit easier for you. :smile:

Thanks! I’ll try to get some, I know a friend who can lend me a few copies.

“Lend” is the key word there, you are gonna need to get your own playset of VS Seekers cuz its too good not to play

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I meant he could give some to me. Sorry for the confusion.

I would take out the evosida, professors letter, pokemon catcher, energy retrieval, roller skates, raichu and wiggly tuff and 1 Xerneas EX for 1 Spritzee, 1 Yveltal EX, 1 Blaziken EX, 2 Fairy Garden, 1 Fighting Fury belt, 3 Trainers mail, 3 Max potion, 1 Seismitoad EX, 2 Ultra ball and 1 Manectric ex.

Here is a list I’m making off the top of my head.
3 Sritzee
2 Aromatisse
2 Xearneas XY
1 Seismitoad EX
1 Malamar EX
1 Manectric EX
1 Blaziken EX
1 Diance EX
1 Mega Diance EX
2 Shaymin EX
1 Trevevnant EX

4 Rainbow
4 Prism
4 Fairy

4 Professor Sycamore
2 N
2 Lysandre
1 AZ
1 Colress
1 Xerosic
1 Skyla
4 Ultra ball
4 VS seeker
3 Max potion
2 Muscle band
1 Fightning Fury Belt
4 Fairy Garden
3 Trainers mail

I’m probably forgetting something as I just made this.

That won’t work in Standard.

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