Aromatisse XY Variants // XY-on 2016

So I think we need a post to talk about the fairy type in the standard format. I was thinking that vileplume with aromatisse can make a great combination with the power of switching energies and using AZ or Casiuss to heal our pokemons so here a list that im testing:

Florges based:
4 Florges EX
3 Xerneas
2 - 2 Aromatisse
3 - 3 - 3 Vileplume
4 unown
2 Shaymin EX

3 Forest of Giant Plants
2 Fairy Garden
2 Casiuss
2 AZ
4 Level Ball
1 Pokemon Fan Club
4 Sycamore
2 Shaunas
2 Wally
3 Lysandre

9 Fairy Energy.

So any advice is welcome.
And if the mods wants to move the post im ok with it too :smile:

I think you should definetly consider Sky Field with that many Pokemanz. Also, maybe you should add in some ultra balls, because you have no ways to get out any of your bigger pokemon, except a single fan club. Otherwise good list.

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vileplume ruines what little consistency this deck had before…

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I will see what can i change. But I still do a 100-120 dmg per turn.

With Vileplume adding damage to florgess and slowing your opponent I think is a good way to play it. But yeah is not the same deck from previous format, You have to play it as a vileplume deck not just a fairy.

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Which is actually not enough in a format of Megs and V-Quen. M Sceptile ex heals all your damage, has 220 hp, and is hitting for 100 every turn. Vespiquen hits for one-shots on Florges, and while you are OHKO ing it, its an uneven prize trade.

Im testing another list besides this one… and i Change the florgess for Lugia - Aegislash - Yveltal - Charizard, more like a fairy box but with the vileplume line. I like the control of the game that vileplume provides, but I can take it out of the deck too.

If you like control, then play a couple toads. Use them for early disruption, while you setup, and then start swinging with Florges or whatever attacker when you feel you can, or want.


Maybe put some Xerneas EX xy in as another attacker.

I’ve seen florges capable of a lot of damage. The match I played against he used ariados too. Perhaps some grass attackers can help?

also maybe use sky field ROS to make florges+8 bench fairy-grass types+ muscle band = 180 damage so for most pokemon EX KO


This is more like a good Standard fairies deck:
1 Regice AOR
4 Unown AOR
1 Hoopa EX
2 Lugia EX
1 Charizard EX
2 Seismitoad EX
1 Xerneas EX
3-3 Aromatisse XY
1 Xerneas XY

1 Ace Trainer
2 Level Ball
1 Lysandre
3 Ultra Ball
3 Super Scoop Up
4 Professor Birch’s Observations
3 Professor Sycamore
2 AZ
4 Trainers’ Mail
4 Fairy Garden
3 Muscle Band

7 Fairy Energy
4 Rainbow Energy

Neat, huh?

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With the lack of Landorus-EX/Kyurem(PLF)/Genesect-EX, is it really necessary to run a 3-3 line of a largely support Pokemon? The best way to beat Fairies is to take out their energy, not their energy transferring, unless their energy is “trapped” on a useless Pokemon.

Anyways, might Yveltal-EX/Manectric-EX/Trevenant-EX?/Gengar-EX?/Lucario-EX/RegirockXY49/RegirockAOR be good? I’m kind of skeptical of the 4 Unown, as it seems like the space could be put to better use. (More AZ, more Level Ball, more Ace Trainer, more attackers, etc.).

OK, then.
-1 Spritzee
-1 Aromatisse
-1 Unown
-1 Trainers’ Mail
+1 Manectric EX
+1 Trevenant EX
+1 Regirock AOR
+1 AZ

Have you been testing this or similar variants? It does seem limited in its attackers, and rather lackluster ohko abilities. I do think energy transfer can still work without max potion, not sure yet how though

3-2 Aromatisse XY
2-2 M Khangaskhan ex
1 AT Regirock
2 Malamar ex
1 Lugia ex
1 Regice AOR
2 Shaymin ex
2 Giratina ex

4 Ultra Ball
3 Level Ball
1 Super Rod
1 Muscle Band
1 Assault Vest
1 Hand Scope

4 Fairy Garden

4 Shauna
4 Professor Sycamore
1 Lysandre
2 AZ
4 VS Seeker

4 Double Colorless Energy
4 Rainbow Energy
4 Fairy Energy

Will Giratina and Khangaskhan B enough to take down Vespi?
Credit goes to @thedewottclan for the hand scope idea.

I had never heard of this. How does it work?

Hand Scope gives you the option to see if your opponent has that magical energy or muscle band or whatever and you may need to switch attackers.

Which is wonderful, but I’d love to have more room for maybe a DDE, Teammates, Xerosic, AZ, etc. It simply seems too much like a luxury for a singleton.

Also, why do you play an Assault Vest? You will only EVER want to use it when attacking w/ Aromatisse or something, as you want DCE on Kang/Lugia/Shay and Rainbow on Regis/Mala/Gira.

Hand Scope is optional. That’s all ill say

Assault Vest is extra defense for mega khan agains vespi.