Aromatisse XY Variants // BCR-on

Hello after a long time of collecting the cards and playing casually i have decided to get into the competitive side of the game and after browsing around i liked this fairy deck

Heres the link

Pokémon – 16

2 Xerneas XY
2 Xerneas-EX
3-2 Aromatisse XY
3 Mewtwo-EX
2-2 Beartic FuF

Trainers –29

4 Professor Juniper
4 N
3 Skyla
1 Colress
2 Pokemon fan club

3 ultra ball
4 max potion
3 muscle band
1 megaphone
1 computer search

3 Fairy Garden

Energy – 15

11 Fairy

Ive noticed how some of those cards in that article will no longer be legal in the BCR on format, so I have swapped these cards out for other cards i thought would work well.

The basic strategy is still to power up xerneas EX with baby xerneas and then constantly swap them with fairy garden so they can X Blast every turn and have aromatisse move the energy around so i dont have too much on the field at once so im not a prime target for mewtwos
Im running mewtwo as it counters itslef and also counters lucario ex if it becomes prominent
The beartic is there to 1hko pyroar garbodor and landorus ex with muscle
The pokemon fan club is too help me set up early and late game as everything aparty from aromatisse and beartic are basics which means i can reserve the ultra balls to find them
If you have any changes or other ideas please comment down below

Anyone wanna comment

Hey there! Take everything I say with a grain of salt. I’m a noob to competitive but I have learned a few things for being around here a while. Fairy Toolbox isn’t too strong in competitive play BUT I can say that you could still win game with it. If you want to keep it mono fairies, I’ve included my personal list below. Most Fairy Toolbox decks don’t run mono fairies though. The TopCut has a nice list on their website if you want to check it out. (There is a plasma-ish and M Kangaskhan variant that are much more potent).

3 xerneas
3 Xerneas EX
3 Mewtwo EX
3 spritzee
2 Aromatisse
14 Pokemon

4 sycamore
4 N
3 Skyla
2 colress
1 PKMN fan club
14 supporters

4 ultra ball
4 max potion
3 muscle band
1 megaphone
1 switch
3 fairy garden
1 ACESPEC Com Search
31 trainers total

11 Fairy
15 E

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Thanks for the comment and ill implement some of your ideas
But what in your deck do u think should be dropped to make room for beartic FuF as i need a good counter to pyroar and landorus which beartic does with Igloo hold

If you really need a beartic line, make it 2-2 and sub out a xerneas, a xerneas EX, a switch and a colress

Does the updated list look good

Bump and guys if you view it please leave a comment of some sort

I’m trying to make a fairy toolbox deck with the format being BCR on.
3 Spirtzee XY
2 Aramotessie XY
2 Xerneas XY
1 Genesect EX
1 Suicune PLB
1 Victini EX
1 Thundurus EX
1 Mewtwo EX
1 Terrakion LTR
1 Yveltal EX
1 Cobalion EX
1 Druggion FLF
1 Lugia EX
Total Pokemon-17

3 Prof. Juniper
4 N
3 Skyla
2 Colress
1 Lysandry
1 Pokemon Fan Club
3 Ultra Ball
1 Prof. Letter
3 Max Potions
1 Switch
2 Starling Megaphone
3 Muscle Band
3 Fairy Garden
1 Dowsing machine
Total Trainers-30
5 Fairy
4 Rainbow
3 Plasma
Total Energy-12

Please comment if you have any advice.

What is BCE-on? Has the format for next year been announced?

It stands for Boundaries Crossed on, and the next format has not been announced but I’m just thinking ahead.

Oh ok but is if is PLS on the deck is basically the same, but Skyla will replaced with Korrina from furious fist in August.

How is Krrina possibly comparable to Skyla? It searches Items only, so no more Supporter grabbing unless anyone wants to run several Jirachi EX in place of it.

Korrina also grabs a fighting pokemon and with no level or heavy ball that alone makes it worth it.

Erm hey i want my fairy deck to be either mono fairy or have a few colourless attackers put in for coverage so thanks but no thanks for giving your deck list

Just so you know, this topic is now the discussion thread for any and all Aromatisse variants, as the title says.

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Hey guys updated the deck list to tech in beartic furious fists by removing a xerneas xy xerneas ex and a switch what do you guys think or do you think icshould have changed something else in the deck to accomadate for the beartic

sylveon control:
4 eevee (fuf)
4 sylveon (fuf)
1 xerneas
2 mewtwo EX
3-2 aromatisse
1 keldeo EX

4 pokemon fan club
3 professor sycamore
4 N
2 lysandre
2 team flare grunt

4 fairy garden

3 max potion
3 muscle band
2 startling megaphone
2 ultra ball
1 professors letters
4 crushing hammer

1 computer search

8 fairy

the deck strategy is to move energy (sylveon’s curly ribbon) from the attackers to the useless monsters your opponent has in bech(such as garbodor, trevenant, mr mime etc).

explanation of some cards:
why eevee from furios fists?
because of the energy evolution ability in order to attack with sylveon on the first turn.

mewtwo EX:
when you move the energys to a useless pokemon it will have a lot of energy in it(maybe 2 or 3).
And then, mewtwo EX can attack with low energy to hit for KO.

2 team flare grunt/4 crushing hammers
in case of facing a fairy match, you can have a chance with those 2 cards. in case of the opponent just bench possible attackers you can take off the strong energys and double-colourless energys from them. and for decks with an energy acceleration engine(victini EX, virizion EX, blacksmith).

What do you guys think of this deck? I think it is on the right topic but you can move to another on.
deck inspired by ien’s deck.

I suggest adding this card:

and maybe some grass energy. For one colorless energy Energy Crush is really helpful.

yeah, I know it is a great counter to seismitoad, but i realyzed that curly ribbon is such a great counter to seismitoad (better than leafeon in my opinion) cuz it takes away the dces from him, puting on garbodor. so that’s why, I didn’t considered a leafeon/grass energy line-up, am I right about that?

To me there are two ways to play this deck. The strategy I choose depends on what deck I’m playing against. If my opponent doesn’t use a “bench sitter” then I use the energy deny strategy, which is aimed at letting my opponent have as little energy in play as possible (using crushing hammers and team flare grunts). And I use Mewtwo EX as the main attacker. If my opponent does have a “bench sitter” then I use the energy build strategy, which is aimed at building up the “bench sitter” with as much energy as possible (using curly ribbon). And I use Leafeon as the main attacker. I prefer the Leafeon attacker strategy, but when playing against some decks this idea falls apart (landy/lucario).