Arizona Regionals October 3-4

I don’t think there is an explicit written ruling on this, but it has come up when I’ve judged.

The guideline given to me was that a search isn’t over until the deck has been placed face down for the opponent to cut. (Usual rules about pace of play still apply, of course).

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I’ve always heard that it stops when you shuffle, but I don’t remember where I heard it…

There’s actually a black/white answer here:


Alight @KPiplup - here’s another:

Travis Burrows with Bunnelby. Who should be turning over the top two cards of the opponents deck? The person who used Burrow as the attack or the person getting Burrowed? Personally I would be pissed if someone touched my deck when I get Burrowed…

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The owner of the deck. I’m not surprised that the Bunnelby player did so, though. Seems a frequent habit.

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Well, there is opportunity for sleight of hand for sure, so I can see why the Burrower would want to. But I don’t let people touch my cards.

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So, how’s everyone doing here, and what are the top decks? Night March hasn’t seen light on the stream and Archie Stoise is everywhere I think…


How’re you doing @OshaWaterBottle and @Darksripe2?

Rounds should be over by now…

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I have to say I liked the way James started round 7. But he didn’t finish strong.

And the fact that it went to time is directly related to a RIDICULOUS amount of shuffling. I mean really. Five minutes into this match I was like, “This is going to time.”

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So… What are the decks on the stream? Whos playing them? CAN SOMEONE TELL ME SOMETHING???

Via @OshaWaterBottle


props to @oshawaterbottle and @thedewottclan
@darksripe2, you did awesome too! top sxteen get points from there, you know! (80 sr right?)

so unhappy I couldn’t be there…

well, this is motivation for me to do better at san jose, knowing I wasn’t there today

Anyone with masters results?

Does anyone know what did well in Juniors?

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Archie’s Blastoise was pretty popular from what I saw

in Juniors or Masters?

During the sixth round there was a Night March vs. Virizion EX/Genesect EX matchup. The Virizion EX/Genesect EX player ended up winning that round.

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@OshaWaterBottle @TheDewottClan, were you allowed to switch decks for day 2?

Actually not as horrible as one might think…if you can pull off a T1 Emerald Slash (Ho-Oh, Colress Machine, Mew/Dimension Valley, etc.). Still 70-30.

Players were not allowed to switch decks for day 2.

Also, @OshaWaterBottle is currently waiting to play his Top 4 match.