Arizona Regionals October 3-4

Don’t know if I’m going, but things are looking up for me! :smile:
Who else is going? Also, if you are, it says on that you must contact the organizer for preregistration and tournament details.

Probably will be there. In hospital atm but will hopefully be out soon.

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Sad to hear that. What happened?

A combination of parents who don’t play and living in Canada is going to prevent me from going to this one. I’ll be cheering all of you on!

C-diff is very, very annoying.

I’ll be attending! hypehypehype.

@Darksripe2, @OshaWaterBottle, have you guys preregistrred yet?

Slim chance I’m going. Depends on my dad’s evening flight on Sunday… Crossed fingers for a red-eye…

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I have. Do you need info…?

@snscompt1 provided me with the prereg link. I’m good, thanks

Maybe…we will see, maybe start a go fund me?

Now my going to AZ depends on when my dad can find a time to spend time with the rest of my family cause hell be gone for about 2 1/2 weeks for work and taking me to San Jose for regionals there

Confirmed in not going😭

Can someone let me know what the seniors top 8 is? Thanks!

Will this be streamed?

No streams this week.

And now there is.

Supposedly, if the Internet is good enough, these folks:

312 MA, 80 SR, 42 JR. Pretty big.

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Much as I appreciate them doing this, it would be nice to have a bigger shot of the actual game. I don’t especially need to see so much of the players.

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Hows everyone doing?

Interesting match between Chris and Brandon.

Question: On one of Brandon’s initial searches in game 1, he searched his deck, found the pokemon, and started shuffling. He then stopped, searched his deck again, and then shuffled his deck, and finally offered a cut. This is obviously inconsequential as they appear to know each other. I just need to know - is this allowed? I don’t want to take this liberty against a rules lawyer or against someone I don’t know if it’s technically against the rules.

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I don’t know the official ruling, but I think that after the opponents decides to cut and the action is preformed, the deck cannot be searched through. But don’t quote me on that, I’m not a judge.