Arizona Fall Regionals - October 4th & 5th

At the Phoenix Convention Center, at 8:00 AM on October 4th, Arizona will have it’s second ever Fall Regionals.

You can find info here: - Masters - Seniors - Juniors

$20 to enter for Masters, and if you prereg, you can get the VIP package for an additional $15 (in any division), which includes the Arizona Regionals playmat, a Furious Fists booster pack, and a Flashfire booster pack. You can preregister here:

Who from SixPrizes will I see there? :smiley:

6p members going:

oh god that emoticon is the stuff of nightmares


GG! Of course put me as going!!! Let’s go SD!

I’m going from LA!!!

I’ll be going! So u guys better watch out :stuck_out_tongue:

Next week, so excited!

What hotels are everyone staying at? Maybe we can play some old format games the night before. I’m bringing some 2008, 2010, and 2011 (post-rotation) decks.

I’ll be there as well.

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Anybody have any results from there?

Very curious to see what was successful. Surprised we haven’t seen any feedback yet

If anybody has any results, especially from Seniors, I would appreciate any info.

Ik this was like 6 months ago but i made top 8 there, you can find the information on