"Are You Squidding Me?!" – The Return of Fulop’s Korner, Malamar Goes Far, and a Special Poll (RED or BLUE?)


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Hey welcome back to writing! I enjoyed your article. I have never played Malamar but have played against it many times and its as effective as you say certainly. It will definitely get stronger with Team Up but I expect there may be a few twists with final lists.


Do you think there is a good build that doesn’t play the jirachi? I imagine it makes it better for the mirror so they can’t sweep as easily with giratina into sky scorching light.


Any thoughts on larvitar (LOT) or onix (LOT) as ways to swing the zoroark matchup more into your favor?
Onix does not seem as good to me, as the giratina/spell tag lists don’t play DCE, but onix seems much easier, since we have distortion door, tapu koko, spell tag, and Shrine as ways to get the damage on. Is it just better to go for a spread strategy against zoroark?


Onix is too hard to power up, as you addressed. Larvitar is much more viable. I wouldn’t be against running a copy at all.


Yes. Jirachi is good and I really like what it does for the deck. That said, the deck was already pretty consistent without it. The biggest gain is Viridian City. If you want to dodge Absol issues and Skyschorching Light vulnerabilities you could still run an engine closer to those used prior to it’s release.