Archie's Trump Card Ruling


While Computer Search or Dowsing Machine are your Ace Spec: probably there, but not something you’ll be running multiples of… hoping for one is akin to just hoping for stuff you can play out anyway. :slight_smile:


It could work if you have just one energy in the discard. You discard three cards (two to use the card and the SER), and pick up just one energy. That sounds like hand thinning to me.

Lol, I know we have been down this road before, but all I’m gonna say is Skyla or Korrina.

On a side note: Maybe now there won’t be so much Ultra Balling and Ultra Ball in like 85% of the games I play.


So you want to use a supporter A to grab a card to set up for supporter B that you then can’t use because you just used supporter A?..


OMG, it would take two turns, but by turn two you could pull this off, yes. (I thought you guys played this game…)

No comment about the SER? Is my logic flawed?


Oh I certainly play. And I also use N when I play, which renders that point invalid.


It might work once in awhile. However, there’s still the issue of first getting rid of an energy (but only 1 energy), then working out a way to get rid of that energy.


Yes, you can thin your hand by two card with Superior Energy Retrieval. You would have needed to discard a Energy first though, using another card.

There’s no need for snarky asides.


I didn’t say the idea was flawless. There are multiple things the opponent can do to change the game state, not just N.


I also play this game and I also know that you can only use one supporter per turn. Thanks.


Welcome to passive - aggressive posting week, right here on 6P.


I bet odds of pulling off a T1 Balista are less than 1%.


My Conclusion to this is playing only 1-2 in a deck- 1 at tops if you play Jirachi. The odds of having one card in hand is slim, so I suggest not taking the risk. The percentage of pulling this of every game is very low, and relying on it will usually become a loss.



It’s another example of Battle Compressor - VS Seeker fodder. With Jirachi-EX as well you should have plenty of flexibility to get it when you need it.


i would say yes yes it can but maybe i am not correct i would be pretty shocked if i was wrong but there is always a possibility it will end you turn if you do get primal kyogre


Now that Archie has been released, I must say, in some decks it is surprisingly easy to pull off. Hell, I just pulled off a double Archie in my Empoleon/Night March deck only minutes ago, and having it proc once in the game, even on your first turn, is highly likely. I have it running in 3 decks (Flareon/ Night March/ Empoleon Swampert) at the moment, and the very slight loss in consistency it provides often pays off heavily in the speed boost it provides.

As long as you don’t rely on it to bring out core Pokemon, I recommend using it (and for that matter, Maxie).


Better way to play it is flareon/empoleon


Please elaborate and provide details? I’d like to hear (see, actually) your claim’s evidence.