Archie's Trump Card Ruling

The translation up to now on many trusted websites for Archie’s Trump Card is as follows:
Archie’s Trump Card - Trainer

You can only play this card if it’s the only card in your hand.

Put a [W] Pokemon from your discard pile onto your Bench, then draw 5 cards.

You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

What was pointed out by is:

(Note: Yes, you can play /any/ [W] Pokemon to your Bench. It doesn’t say Basic Pokemon. It only says [W] Pokemon.) - Does this mean that you theoretically can get a Primal K without Mega Evolving. Thanks!

No-one can say with any certainty right now.

Pokemon card rulings go by intention. You can’t really use textual analysis on officially translated cards, never mind fan translations. Look at all the trouble with Fighting Stadium.

If we knew how it was being played in Japan, then we would have an answer.

[quote="Japanese Q&A] サポート「アオギリの切り札」を使って、トラッシュにある水タイプの「進化ポケモン」をベンチに出すことはできますか?



Q. Can I use Archie’s Trump Card to get back evolutions?

A. Yes, you can.


Well, that settles it.

Very powerful card, not easy to make it work.

I would 1 off this in P.K. , which I am testing. Anyone who stays that it Loses to VG is forgetting something, which I am trying to let people find out themselves. :facepunch: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :sunglasses:

I’m not so sure it’s that easy to have a situation early on in the game where you can have that as your last card and have an evolved water pokemon in your discard.

This probably won’t be true once PK decks start using high Ultra Ball and Battle Compressor counts to abuse this as much as possible. Not to mention the fact that you can tech in one Swampert to get back for search support.


Holy… Isn’t there a FIRE TYPE COUNTERPART in Maxie’s whatever card? Emboar is back…

Maxie’s does Fighting, not fire, ironically.

Touché grovile, good catch.

So like I was saying, does this mean that Donphan or Fighting decks don’t NEED to have Phanpy or Machamp’s evolution line?

This actually really annoys me. I was looking forward to getting Delphox with relative ease.


Plus it isn’t like Fighting really needed the help. Of course since Team Magma has Groudon as its poster-mon, I understand why it went that way.

Anyway, these effects are of course not unprecedented, given the original Archie and Maxie cards.

T1 Blastoise so you can kill stuff really fast? No problem . . . have an Archie.
T1 Delphox for deck consistency and stability? Are you mad? Go away.


Wait… could we possibly see Blastoise back? I mean, Howe would this sound?

Opp. T1: Lone EX (active), useless hand,draw pass.
Your T1: Black Kyurem Ex (active), Ultra Ball, blastoise, Archies Trump card, lighting energy, 2 water and a Professor’s Letter. Use ultra ball for some random pokemon, Trump card, grab Blastoise attach lighting, Professor’s Letter for 2 water energy. Black Ballista on TURN 1.

I’m now scared there could be a Water deck on the Horizon…

Not exactly, because you would have to play out everything before using Archie. As long as you then drew into the Prof’s Letter/Water Energy, then you could pull that off, yes.

It’s asking a lot, but first attacking Turn Black Ballista will be technically possible.


hmmm, would it be possible to play furious fists machamp without basics and stage 1s with maxie? just saying it might be fun to play a 0-0-2 of machamp. reminds me of the plb cradily which allows you to play stage twos with its attack

Wait, I forgot that you also draw cards off of Maxie, which means you could just draw the energy off of the 5 cards you draw. That’s even stronger than I thought.

Not quite… remember, you must get your hand down to nothing but either of the Supporters we are discussing. That is far from impossible, but it can be a bit tricky. After all, if you’re using it to bypass manually Evolving, you’ll have dead Evolutions in hand that you must have a different card you can pitch. What are the options to discard from hand? Professor Juniper (or Professor Sycamore) has you draw after discarding your entire hand and is a Supporter, so while it can get something into the discard for revival, it doesn’t thin your hand. Ultra Ball is the only generic, universal card of which I can think to help with the combo in question.

I would add CPU and Dowsing Machine to this list too. And Superior Energy Retrieval.

I find it odd that the entire time I’ve played Pokemon TCG I have always wanted more cars in hand, not less and now that there is a truly awesome way to capitalize on no cards in hand (except Maxie/Archie), looking at the set of cards, there aren’t many discard cards, cards.


SER returns energy to your hand. Not good when trying to thin your hand out.