Araquanid//THE vulcanion slayer


Zoroark, parallel city, buddy buddy, and vaporeon all make it favorable. But once again for reference:

I won a cup where like 50% of the decks were volcanion, another one where it was like a fourth I got 2nd with, and I top 4d the largest regional to date with it. Its not at all bad - but you need to manage numbers.


Volcanion just attacks with baby volcanion or entei, which forces you to Lysandre up volcanion ex/shaymin ex to stay ahead in the prize trade. You don’t want to use Lysandre as your supporter since streaming attackers is key. Volcanion is already super consistent and has no problem running you out of DCE/Vespiquen/Vaporeon. Once Vaporeon is gone(probably by the first few turns), the volcanion player just volcanic heats shaymin while the non-exs take care of Vespiquens. Also, either side of parallel city hurts Vespiquen.


No parallel city helps Vespiquen you discard your own shaymins as well as put more Pokémon in your discard pile that way. Only one side hurts bees


Everything @jirachi123 has said and - Parallel City also reduces Volcanion’s damage. So if they miss a steam up, or are forced to use a couple of extra steam ups the math will throw the game to you long term energy wise. Take a Zoroark for instance: It takes 3 steam ups + a fury belt, or 4 steam ups in order to take a ko when parallel city is up. And Vespiquen should be running buddy-buddy rescue at this point - so if they target down a vaporeon, not only does that give you an extra dce on the board it also gives you extra options later down the road giving you an even bigger advantage. It is favorable, weakness is a bit of trap/mirage that can look daunting.

For reference - The other Vespiquen decks that made t8 at Athens never lost to a Volcanion either - and they weren’t even running Vaporeon, the worst that one did was a tie. Weakness doesn’t necessarily mean much outside of potentially psyching someone out


I don’t think a 1-1 line of Zoroark and a single parallel city is enough to swing the volcanion matchup in your favor.


Yeah, that’s true, atm araquanid doesn’t really fit anywhere as it can’t attack… If they still made breaks into the sm sets though there’s a small chance we would’ve been saved, similar to what happened with trevenant.


Most vespi decks in SM are dropping Zebstrika entirely - And again, feel free to think as you wish - I am just stating what results showed