Araquanid//THE vulcanion slayer


Araquanid a card underlooked by many also underestimated. I am going to be flamed hard for this idea but here it is. Araquanid will most likely never become mainstream like most of my ideas but it has a sick ability. This ability water bubble is the bane of ALL Fire decks. "Water Bubble, prevent all damage by attacks for fire type pokemon. I could imagine a deck with one in it. 2 is all you need. But vulcanion can’t hit this beast neither can Talonflame break or any and ALL Fire types. Now that is A good card. But all cards have their weaknesses one is lysandering to a different poke. But if your bench is all Araquanid the fire goes out and you win. The card would only ever be seen against fire decks and probably would be useless everywhere else but this is just an idea.


The problem with araquanid is it only protects itself. The volcanion player can target down benched pokemon and if he really needs to he can put fire energies on shaymins/salamance ex to get the job done of koing a lone araquanid. A lone araquanid can’t exert enough pressure to stop a volcanion player from power heating up shaymins and looping between them for instance.


well in an araquanid deck you would be using multiple and yes the shaymin would work as a counter


A 2nd (or first) araquinid’s basic poke could easily be lysandred down as well - I don’t think you could make a deck that would just try and prevent one deck from winning (volcanion) without giving you big problems vs other decks in format


this is meant to give an idea for a counter not a deck idea


my other posts are that as well take a look and give your opinion


I am not saying it isn’t cute, but I just think there are better volcanion counters out there for decks. Stage 1s are better off doing damage and using vaporeon/garb IE. Maybe for a mill/lock deck araquanid would be a better card - but I am not sure


of course there are better cards, your bottom deck idea seems interesting i will be sure to test it


Araquanid is cute, however at this point in time I can ONLY see it in a vespiquen variant. Shout out to all the players who think vesp/garb/zeb is how “its supposed to be played”.


Us Araquanid is like you said best for vespqueen it also gives provide protection from vulcanion or talonflame break


ah, talonflame break, the good old days, y’know there was a copy of that card at worlds?


Ya at my league one of the best players actually uses a deck around it. It’s actually pretty good


Lurantis/araquanid doesn’t seem awful


Us that could also work as it covers quite a few different decks


Like I said earlier araquanid COULD become a good card


I think it more likely that lurantis decks will use their free slots (of which they seem to have far too many) to tech 1-2 weakness polity.


Araquanid does nothing in Vespiquen. The card only protects itself, not the rest of the team and requires water energy to attack. Volcanion is already a favorable matchup for vespiquen if you play vaporeon + buddy-buddy. Eeveelutions also allows you to run Flareon for decidueyes and Lurantis out there presently


Vespiquen has a terrible volcanion matchup. Even with Vaporeon it’s terrible.


You out-trade volcanion - assuming you don’t dead draw, you’ll win with vaporeon. So if you are concerned about Volcanion either garb or vaporeon will do the job: For reference I played vaporeon at 2 cups and beat a bunch of Volcanion for a 1st and 2nd finish and I also played Vaporeon at a regionals that I got t4 with the deck - so I am fairly confident in saying Vaporeon can win you the matchup depending on your list. If you run vaporeon in the deck [and assuming no Zebstrika since the format has changed] - the combination of vaporeon + buddy buddy and zoroarks make it so its fairly favorable for you, it just takes some managing of the game.


If you have tested bees, you know for a fact that Volcanion is a near autoloss and straight out a bad matchup. Maybe you could possibly win with a 2-2 line of Vaporeon and eevee, but vespiquen is already a little inconsistent and the last thing you want is a 2-2 line to almost counter one specific deck. Trust me, I’ve been testing the poop out of Bees for the past 2 months. But for the record, Vaporeon just doesn’t quite swing that matchup.