April 2020 Schedule


Tu 3/31: @croxtonveryepic
Th 4/2: @Alex_Schemanske

4/3: UAE :united_arab_emirates: … UPR–SSH
4/4: Philippines :philippines: … UPR–SSH
4/4: Johannesburg :south_africa: … UPR–SSH
4/4: Peru :peru: … UPR–SSH
4/4–5: Salt Lake City :us: … BLW–SSH

Tu 4/7: @Tablemon
Th 4/9: @xpero

Tu 4/14: @Jose
Th 4/16: @Roarchomp

4/17–19: EUIC :de: … UPR–SSH

Tu 4/21: @Sem_Medo
W 4/22: @croxtonveryepic
Th 4/23: @Alex_Schemanske

4/25–26: Argentina :argentina: … UPR–SSH

Tu 4/28: @thefleeee
W 4/29: @Jonner
Th 4/30: @Roarchomp

5/2–3: Liverpool :uk: … UPR–SSH


  • A lot has changed since last month. If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that all events through May 14 are canceled. However, we’re going to continue publishing content (with some adaptations) until Organized Play returns:

    • Look for 2 or 3 articles per week. We had been loading up with 4 or 5 articles prior to major events, but until events are on again, we’ll be aiming to publish every Tuesday + Thursday, and maybe every other Wednesday.

    • Discussion topics will also shift. We’re going to use this break in Organized Play as an opportunity to cover topics that we usually can’t get to in the thick of the season, so expect more opinion sections, philosophical discussions, fun decks, retrospection, and general variety. We’ll also begin our Rebel Clash coverage early since UPR–SSH is effectively over.

As always, if you have any feedback/questions/suggestions, message me here on the forums or email adam@sixprizes.com. Thanks for your support—we really do depend on our readership to keep going. We’ll be doing our best to provide a sense of normalcy and familiarness during this weird and uncertain time.