April 2017 Article Schedule

Monday 4/3: @flygon (Long, SLC Preview)
Wednesday 4/5: @kazambolt (Short, SLC Preview)
Thursday 4/6: @tnunski (Short, SLC Preview)

4/8–4/9: Salt Lake City Regionals (Standard, PRC-SM)

Monday 4/10: @kazambolt (JR/SR Metagame)
Tuesday 4/11: @MichaelSlutsky (Short, SLC Recap)
Wednesday 4/12: @KPiplup (Long)
Friday 4/14: @Tablemon (Short)

Tuesday 4/18: @CeladonBrit (Long, Brazil Preview)
Wednesday 4/19 @kazambolt (Short)
Thursday 4/20: @MichaelSlutsky (Short)

4/22–4/23: Latin America Internationals (Standard, PRC-SM)

Tuesday 4/25: @xpero (Long)
Thursday 4/27: @tnunski (Short, Brazil Recap)
Friday 4/28: @Tablemon (Short)

5/6–5/7: Roanoke Regionals (Standard, PRC–SM)
5/13–5/14: Toronto Regionals (Expanded, BLW–SM)
5/27–5/28: Seattle Regionals (Standard, PRC-GUR)
6/2–6/3: Madison Regionals (Standard, PRC-GUR)
6/9–6/10: Mexico City Regionals (Standard, PRC-GUR)

Well, this is the beginning of a new era, and we think it’s set to be an exciting month. We’re thrilled to announce the return of Pablo Meza (pictured below with @kazambolt) to SixPrizes. He was one of the original Underground writers way back in the early 2010s and we’re happy to have him back.

As always, please feel free to send us any and all feedback that you have. We’re thrilled to debut our new article schedule and structure and we hope you all enjoy it!


Hey everyone, just a heads up that Jimmy’s article scheduled for tomorrow has to be cancelled. We’re working on scheduling some other content later in the month in its place.

FYI: Brit’s article will be moved to Tuesday.

We’re pushing Travis’s article back to tomorrow. It’s a great recap on Brazil as a whole, look forward to it!

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