April 2016 Article Schedule

[4/2: States Week 3]

Tuesday 4/5: @henryrossc
Thursday 4/7: @eriknance

[4/9: States Week 4]

Tuesday 4/12: @CeladonBrit
Thursday 4/14: @Brandonsmiley

Tuesday 4/19: @rlaparre
Thursday 4/21: @thevilegarkid

[4/23: Fates Collide Prerelease Weekend #1]

Tuesday 4/26: @Rsabelhaus
Thursday 4/28: @KPiplup

[4/30: Fates Collide Prerelease Weekend #2]

[5/14: Spring Regionals Week #1 (BLW-Generations)]
[5/21: Spring Regionals Week #2 (BLW-Generations)]
[5/28: Spring Regionals Week #3 (BLW-Fates Collide)]

[7/1-7/3: US Nationals (XY-Fates Collide)]

[8/19-8/21: Worlds (XY-Fates Collide)]


So it’s been confirmed that Worlds and Nats are both going to be Standard format?


“All three phases will use the Standard format for card legality.”

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Henry’s article will be out soon! I’m just waiting on him to get back to me with a few edits.

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To give everyone a heads up, I’m doubtful Brandon’s article will be published today. The draft I can view is only about 700 words deep and it’s very unpolished.

EDIT: 8pm ET and the article is still nowhere close to being done. So yep: look for it tomorrow (hopefully).

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Could you take a screenshot of that? I cant seem to find where I says that but that may just be because I sometime skip things…

CTRL+F is your friend.

Last sentence of the first paragraph under “TCG Tournament Structure.”

Found it now thanks.

Well, I don’t think the second article this week is happening. I haven’t heard a word from Brandon and he hasn’t touched his draft since very early Thursday morning. Sorry everyone.

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Do you know when @rlaparre’s article will be out? Thanks!

@rlaparre has been writing throughout the day. Everything looks mostly there but I of course still need to edit. I’m going to estimate maybe 5-6 hours from now it’ll be published.

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UPDATE: Probably about an hour and half to go at this point. It’s going to be light on images since there is a lot of text and corrections are taking a while.

And we’re live:

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Heads up: Grant’s article should be ready sometime in the early evening! It’s mostly written at this point and editing goes relatively quickly with his pieces.

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