Any recommended Youtube channels?

Dear 6p-community,

what would you say are the most recommended Youtube channels for Pokemon TCG strategy right now?
I´ve recently read here in the forums that DarkIntegralGaming is not so good (and I agree with this) and some1s pc is good, but what about the others?

Like e.g.
Team Fish Knuckles
Yellow Swellow
The Metadeck etc.?

You should check out PTCG Radio; he’s pretty cool. All the ones you suggested are good too.


Yellow Swelliw is Darkintegralgaming with Shaymins in his deck and a clue as to what’s popular. But if looking for competitive stuff would not reccomend.


I would highly recommend OmniPoke above all; PTCGRadio I really like, but he doesn’t often have much in the form of lists and games that one usually expects from YT channels, but he has such harebrained concepts that work out better than anyone would ever expect (Eeveelutions/Techs @ the ECC whatever year, Regirock Promo this past year), so I find him important to follow; I really like Pokemon TCQ HQ, which is run by Tamao Cameron and Alex Dao iirc, two phenomenal UK players as well as Team Cake (the only member of this group I can remember is Jake Walvin, another very good UK player, although this channel frequently brings together various members of the UK Pokemon community), but their meta advice can be a bit off due to their location across the pond.

Some1spc (Even though they rarely post), The Chaos Gym, and the new channel PK COD should be added to that list.


The Rare Candy is a pretty good channel.

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PTCG Radio is good, but tends to overhype new cards and forget the basics, eg. in his Volcanion video, he kept talking about when you have 4 Volcanions in play. Like…how often does that happen?

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You’d be surprised how easy it would be to get four of a Pokémon on the field in this day and age.


Thanks for all the helpful answers up to this point.
I will look into some of the additional options.

Except for specific people ( mainly some1spc as I know them and we think similarly in terms of deck building) I always take lists with a grain of salt, as when I spend hours upon hours testing and perfecting a list I find many terrible choices across the other YouTube choices. My personal ranking is some1spc >= omnipoke >>>>> tfk/wrh and I don’t even consider other channels outside of deck concepts to build myself.


A couple cool small channels that I have come across recently are AuraBomb and TheTokenMinorities. AuraBomb does a lot of standard stuff but with great consistency, while Token does every format and a lot of different kinds of decks.