Announcing the attempted SixPrizes DP-UL season!

Hi everyone! Grovyle here! As some of you guys may know, DP-UL is what I consider the best format of all time. [Some of you have other opinions] And I was looking through the forums, and saw that someone had attempted a “season” of a format [6PTS, I think] and I decided; “Hey, I love this game, and I love this format, so why not?”

What the attempted SixPrizes DP-UL season [ASPDPULS] is is a re-creation of the DP-UL format, running as a parallel to next years [speculated] XY-format, but to a much lesser extent.

Here’s what we’re looking at:
3 Regionals
3 Cities
3 Regionals
2 Nationals
1 Worlds

Sign ups:
Unilimited space, sign-ups end the day after this year’s worlds does

  1. @thegrovylekid
  2. @Ivysaurman
  3. @Tototavros
  4. @XtremeFate
  5. @troller100
  6. @Kirbyswag
  7. @DatPiplup
  8. @sableyeman2002
    Please sign up if you find this interesting!

I’m in. Looks great!

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I’m interested, but it depends on where will we play.

You can use PlayTCG or Lackey, and if anyone has other simulators with this cardpool in them, link to them so everyone can try them out.

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I’ll play 20202020202

I wish undaunted was in here, but I’ll play anyways.

What’s “Lackey”? I tried a google search and it didn’t work.

Sounds interesting. I’m in! (signing up was probably a horrible mistake)

LackeyCCG. I don’t have a direct link to it right now, my laptop’s pretty much out of battery, I’ll link it once it’s charged.

Just looked it up… :confused:
I think I’ll stick to TCGone. (Sorry, lackey players)

Well, TCGONE doesn’t have DP-UL, so…

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Yeah, unfortunately. I would do play TCG, but I don’t have an account

Yeah, I’m going to be on playtcg.

Been testing out a DonGon i deck against @thegrovylekid´s pl0x deck and man does Dusknoir weaken the deck. I might add in a few SSU´s to be able to Time, Walk and Set Up while setting up Flygon, Nidoqueen, Donphan, and Claydol.

On a different note,Vibrava’s Energy Typhoon can be incredibly vital late game, doing 100+ for [C]

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What’s Claudio?

Also, I used Scizor/Cherrim to even less effect vs. that deck.

Yeah, it must be frusturating having your Donphans, Flygons, and Claydols shuffled in repeatedly while you’re under a Power Lock. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We’re going to need more people than this…

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I’ll join. However I’ve never played this format and I’m willing to bet I’ll suck. :wink:

I have finally figured out how to use PlayTCG, though I will need to practice it a lot more. This sounds interesting enough, so I guess I’ll join in.