Announcing the 2015 6P US Nationals Fantasy Team Competition!

Hello 6P Users! We’re excited to announce that 6P will be the site of a Fantasy Team competition for 2015 US Nationals.

What’s this, you may ask? Well, in a traditional draft, participants pick players they think will do well at US Nationals, going in order until a set number of players have been picked. However, due to the limitations posed by the number of participants I expect, we’re going to follow a salary cap format instead.

You’ll have a salary cap of $1500 to pick players that you expect to do well at US Nationals. Players will be assigned a cost based on the following format:

Tier A: $300
Tier B: $225
Tier 1: $175
Tier 2: $125
Others: $75

**To be clear: you may draft any player; those on the list just happen to cost more. Anyone not in T100/with byes goes for $75.

How were these tiers decided? Players in Tier 1 and 2 were assigned based on their CP rankings; T30 were put in Tier 1 and the Top 100 were put in Tier 2. Then, players were bumped up one tier for each Awarded Bye earned at Regionals or States this season. Players that weren’t in the Top 100 were placed in an appropriate Tier based on their Bye total. For example, a player 93rd in CP with 1 Bye would be placed in Tier 1 (originally Tier 2+1 Bye).

I’ve created a Google Sheets file for your convenience. To the best of my ability, all players have been listed in their appropriate Tier. If you observe any errors, please let me know either here or via PM!–gbcpp3K0H2Us/edit?usp=sharing

Points will be awarded as follows:

I’ll be working on a script to automate the tallying of points after Nationals. Hopefully it works…

Unfortunately, there is no way to accommodate the Junior or Senior divisions this year due to a lack of information. If there is interest expressed and this year is successful, I will work on including the Senior division in some capacity next year.

So, 6P users, start tallying up those teams! In order to enter, please submit a team list in this thread in the following format:

Player A $225
Player B $175
=$1475 (no need to be exactly $1500!)

Have fun!

I also apparently need to make clear: definitely not first-come first-serve. You may pick players other participants have already selected.


To reiterate: all discussion and questions go in here. Once you’ve got a team ready to submit, post it in this thread:

@KPiplup What if a chosen player doesn’t attend the event?

Then you get zero points.

I also apparently need to make clear: definitely not first-come first-serve. You may pick players other participants have already selected.

Also, as the original post alluded: you’re allowed to draft any player not listed in a Tier for $75.

Ugh do I go with the underdogs or stick with the 2 bye strategy? Maybe the best strategy is to pick as many players as possible. The winner of Nats the last 3 years hasn’t had any byes or even an invite before the event, maybe the streak continues.

Jack Stensrud an friend of mine and he told me he isn’t coming.

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Pretty sure you’ll end up regretting it. Nats is not my friend.


Yeah, there’s a high chance he plays like 9 Night March in Swiss or something dumb like that.

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Well hopefully you break the curse.

I moved a post to an existing topic: US Nationals 2015 Fantasy Competition-Team Submissions

So if we’re competing are we allowed to pick ourselves? If not I can change my entry

That’s fine with me.

Also will allow any edits through July 2nd.

Wait, can we select Canadian characters?

(US Nationals 2015 Fantasy Competition)

I’m dumb

I saw someone chose Mia Violet and I thought she was Canadian. That’s why I asked. Sorry, people.

Mia is from Oregon so not Canadian

Update for everyone: the file has been updated (astute observers will note it’s a new file altogether, so please note the new link) with a Sheet containing the Teams, with points linked to the input file I’ll be using to automate scoring. I simply Copied/Pasted your teams from the submission thread, so please do me a favor and double check that it looks correct.

Additionally: If you make any edits to your teams, please PM me or post in this topic. New teams will be entered into the file when I see them.

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@KPiplup, can I change that?

EDIT: Voting for @KPiplup

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