Anaheim, CA regionals, Feb. 20-21

How’s everybody doing?

I am 1-2-1 and steaming right now. More like boiling.

Can’t be too upset though. I’m in CA, the weather is beautiful and this TO rubs a great event.

See if you can get next year’s date while you’re there…

4-2-1 mehhhhhh. Got 13th I guess.

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Ewww, that’s poor quality…

Great job @TheDewottClan and @JoshF! What decks?

Good job to everyone that made cut; I wish I could’ve been there :wink: This cut is pretty stacked, so, at least for me, its difficult to predict (not basing on matchups) who is gonna come out on top. We’ll have to wait and see…

Oh, I guess its kinda hard to see, but @smashandslash is 8th seed.

Ooh, sorry I missed that! What are you playing, @smashandslash?

Sorry. Can’t help - didn’t know.

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Played the same 60 cards as first seed. Finished 4-3 due to some rather absurd cases of bad luck.

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Not to mention the first seed pile shuffled like twice before every single game.

Hey, I played same 60 cards as @thedewottclan. My absurd cases of luck ended me at 2-2-3.

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Eh. That’s like the only explanation as my deck is pretty brainless so I can’t really misplay

Well, he did go first pretty much every game.

something something cali seniors is hard bla bla bla thanks for the cp guys


How’d you do? I’m assuming by your post that you at least won in top 8… What were standings if over?

Got a weird feeling that you won the tournament though…
1st Josh F @JoshF w/Yveltal
2nd Bryan B w/Bees
3rd Ethan C w/VespiPlume
4th Lawrence X w/ToadBats
5th Ryan P w/Toad Tina
6th Nick C @Nickster2002 w/ToadBats
7th Micah S @TheDewottClan w/Yveltal
8th Alex B @smashandslash w/Yveltal

Do any of the Yveltal decks that won play archeops

Yes, @JoshF played Archeops and Gallade and won.

Josh, Alex, and I all played Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade, although in different variants

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