Anaheim, CA regionals, Feb. 20-21

Preregistration starts Friday, February 12. First 275 players in each division to prereg gets a mat. Cost is $20.00 for all age groups in TCG. Additional info can be found here:

I will be there. And I hope to see any other 6P members attending too!

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Gotta defend, I’ll be there.

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I’ll be there, my first tourney in Cali! Wish me luck!

Lets see how this one goes . . . Probably not as good as San Jose :wink:

If you’re playing what I think you are playing I would say “don’t get your hopes up”.

Don’t get your hopes up.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We will see. I’m not really shooting for t16, so going rogue wouldn’t really hurt me. I think?

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I will be attending as well!
Hopefully not a repeat of last year where I went 0-3 heh.

I was going to go but it no longer works for my parents :sob: I hope to see some of you in Clackamas OR the following week.

Why sell yourself so short? Play something you think will be good. However, we should wait for Virgina regionals results to be posted before we jump to conclusions.

I’ll be there. Prereg is open, you can find the link here

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ill be there staying with @Nickster2002

I’ll be there 202020

Things are shaping up that I will be there. Please stop me and say “hello.” I will likely be the oldest player in attendance - the pokedad on a business trip without his kids. I am guessing I will be saying “Quaking Punch” a lot and I will wear the Hearthstone “Well Played” Tee as no one on the west coast has seen me in it! Seriously - stop me to say hi. The only person I will know is @OshaWaterBottle! The next time I will be in SoCal at exactly the same time as a Regionals is 202X???

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That free dinner statement still stand? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh yes - you are my hero! If my flight lands on schedule I will let you know!

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Todays the big big big BIG day! Good luck to everyone!!!


Got here at 715. Line was 150 people long. Glad it doesn’t rain here.

You are all very lucky; it rained pretty heavily two days ago :wink:

318 MA, 69 SR, and 45 JR here.


I’m not attending, but I’m holding my breath to see what wins…