"An Ultrasonic Situation" – A Look at Espeon-GX/Garbodor and a Missing Clover Zoroark-GX List for Collinsville


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Great discussion, Xander! Trying to make sense of Collinsville options is like trying to make sense of a preschoolers paint palette.


Right! There’s simply too much to analyze in order to create anything worth telling. Said information is also likely inaccurate. Expect any deck that’s capable of winning games to be played.


What is the pokemon catcher for?


Hi Xander. I played Espeon a fair amount and took it to London, too. There I ran into Golisopod over and over and found no way to do anything meaningful. I saw that you made a short comment on this on heyfonte but honestly this matchup feels almost unwinnable given the single energy attach and acerola. You were good on matchups when Espeon first came out and I wonder if there are any useful tips for this you might pass on now? Thanks.



Pokemon Catcher is to draw prizes off of easy targets. Because there is no backup attacker, there’s tons of extra space. Pokemon Catcher lets the deck play Acerola and gust in the same turn.


Keep using Psybeam and rotate GX attackers. It comes second nature to me, so I can’t really do a good job of explaining it. I beat Golisopod in my final round of Collinsville 2-0.