Alolan Muk in competitive


Could Alolan Muk be a decent card? With power of alchemy it can stop all basic abilities from affecting you or your opponent. So oranguru is stopped, Shaymin is stopped(expanded), and quite a few other cards are as well. It’s attack is a little overpriced but it would mainly be used for ability.

Now lets talk about alolan grimer.

For zero energy it can poison the opponent which helps give a potential knockout. Poison, switch, prize, and rewash.

Those are two potential strategies I see possible for competitive. Tell me if this won’t work. But until then I am going to attempt putting this in my deck.


It’s useful as a one off tech definitely. But garb is still better at its job.

Free poison is good in the early game for decks like toxicroak, raticate break, etc. So it’s a good inclusion in poison decks.

As far as competetive goes it can tech against the new giratina which might see play later on. It’s a good substitite for silent lab. I would definitely put it in a deck where you utilize abilities on stage 1 or stage 2 pokemon, then use alchemy to deny an opponents setups from their basic abilities shaymin, hoopa ex, volcanion ex.

Many new abilities that will see play are solgaleos free switch, and decidueyes feather arrow and those abilities are very powerful. Alchemy will not stop them.


Why did you say Shaymin is standard? It still has this season until it is expanded.


Sorry just a little confused


It’s okay. just a heads up because going to a regionals in a different format can be really bad. Like REALLY BAD. Didn’t mean to be aggressive in my speech at all.


Got it but us I agree fully. I have quite a few deck ideas I will be posting in the next couple of days.


Until next season, the only place Muk would be a better choice than Garbodor would be in a deck that utilizes the abilities of other evolved pokemon. Not suggesting that this would be a good deck, but just as a hypothetical example, Decidueye/Muk would make more sense than Decidueye/Garbodor, since Garbodor would shut off Decidueye’s ability. Otherwise, though, Garbodor is better. Muk’s retreat cost is huge, so you’re going to want to play a Float Stone on it anyway, unless you’re running it with Solgaleo.


Exactly it will be interesting to see if this card gets much play


Please stop talking to yourself.


Ok I will. @basedgodzilla