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After being out of the game for a while, I have been out of touch with the format. I looked through sixprizes decks, and after viewing the quality of these very interesting decks I have no attributed the current format to them. Based on the other sixprizes decks I have deduced that the best deck for the current format would be an all supporters deck. This card counters the entire format. If you used only one basic you could use those great supporter cards like Lillie. I was even thinking about Lysandres trump card to recycle all of those other supporters. I have decuded that this could easily win the world championships. I have looked and decided that it could defeat any other deck here on sixprizes in battle! yea! I hope we can get a serious discussion built around this, and I hope we can use it to great success! Go Sixprizes1

what is the attacker and the goal of the deck? and what 59 supporters are you going to use? how is this better than a deck using items and supporters?

and lysandres trump card is not legal…

Might as well use Chandelure STS!

Although I’ve made that deck before and it is not good damage wise. It is a fun idea though but I can’t think of any big attacker that can last an entire game.

You have to be joking if you think you can win worlds with this idea.

Just because item lock is a thing in standard and expanded, it has not forced players to consider playing a huge amount of supporters. There are ways to play around item lock.

And if you’re playing a disruptive deck with Delinquent, Rockets Handiwork, Team flare grunt, etc. Then you still need a decent attacker to keep up the momentum and pressure your opponent.

I’m curious as to what the goal of your supporter deck would be and how you plan to achieve it.

Uh just a question if you run i single pokemon or line it would be devastating if something was prizes. And at the moment lysandres trump card is banned and not standard. Some things could work with it but if that one line you have gets knocked out you are screwed. [quote=“ShealynMillay, post:1, topic:10466”]
I have looked and decided that it could defeat any other deck here on sixprizes in battle!

Not happening.

Is this guy a troll?
his description says “Who uses this site anymore for any purpose other han trolling”

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It’s true. Half the deck/ideas on here are super trolley.


I think this could easily be tier 1. Here is a skeleton list I have been playing around with: