Alex's 2016-2017 season! 10/500?

First year as a master. Let’s laugh at me, ammi right?
LC’s: 10 X X X X X
Cities: X X X X
Regionals: X X X X
Nats: X
Worlds: X

SDGC LC 7/18? w/ Vespiquen/Vileplume/Jolteon
R1 vs Dillon C. with Night march
R2 vs Taylor S. with Bunnelby/Garb/Houndoom
win (almost misplayed for the loss derrrrr)
R3 vs Ethan C with wailord (lol)
R4 vs Andrew D. with Pyroar/Charizard
Loss benched
R5 vs Adam F. with Primal Groudon

4th, +10 cp

SDGC LC 8/9 w/ Waterbox
R1 vs Greninja
R2 vs James H. @OshaWaterBottle with VVJ
R3 vs Tyler B. with Ray
Loss (donked)
R4 vs Josh with Night March
R5 vs Nick S. with Trev
Loss (opened 6 items)


10 CP
2 P!P

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Is it even possible for you to play Vespiplume and not get benched once in a tournament? Lol

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I thought he was still a Senior?

Yes, we are all still seniors until September 1st allegedly.

New season started after nats lol and yes he is still a senior

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Wait, so of I enter an LC today, I will have to pay $10 to get in instead of $6 because I will be a master this year? I thought that I do t move up until Sep. 1?

The new season has started, assuming you were born in 2001 or earlier, you are now a Master. Worlds is the only exception to this. Entry fees depend on the organizer.

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He wanted to play in masters.

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