"Advanced Strategies for Taking 6 Prizes" – A Complete Guide to Naganadel-GX Checkmate w/ the DC Open Winning List

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What do you think of a celesteela (CES) instead of the Melmetal-gx ?

Celesteela can’t attack into Fairy Charm UB and requires Stinger GX. Even then, the opponent can Custom Catcher something, bringing the total to something other than 6, making it useless.

It’s best use would probably be against Malamar.

How do you win the mew mew matchup if they use Latios gx attack turn 1. Also worth noting I play Alolan Ninetales > Melmetal Gx. Thanks

Sorry for the completely late reply! (I haven’t checked forums in a long while because articles no longer direct there.)

I don’t normally go for Stinger GX unless I have a win in hand with Naganadel LOT + Power Plant + Custom Catchers. If they use Clear Vision GX, then your best bet is to take your 6 Prizes in this fashion: Jirachi-GX, Marshadow, Mewtwo & Mew-GX. The other idea is to simply KO 2 Mewtwo & Mew-GX, which may end up being the easiest depending on how you draw.

Tord’s Shedinja version may meddle with this a little bit, but you’ll just need to navigate it better. Use Power Plant to shut off Jirachi-GX if your opponent is playing it, or simply use it to shut off Perfection in combination with a Reset Stamp. Weakness Guard Energy further promotes the strategy of 2HKO’ing two Mewtwo & Mew-GX.